Martha’s Vineyard Invasion Song



I feel the Earth move under my feet.

Burning man ends with a giant traffic jam.


What a break.


The Fruit Editor:  What’s up with grapes, LL ?

The Wine Cat:  Grapes have been a tasty treat since before recorded history.

Warning, you have not reached a customer service representative about any problem.  It is about grapes from India.

Kamala ate grapes.

TFE:  Do other fruits ferment, TWC ?  

TWC:  They sure do, here are some animals who like the fermented Marula fruit.

Lucy uses her feet.


Biden has a White Supremacy Domestic Terrorism shortage.  He is now accepting applications online.  Put on your MAGA hat and sign up.


Board the poor refugees in the homes of millionaires who are only there in the Summer, like Obama’s mansion.  It can sleep over 100 poor migrants.


The amazing thing about this is the people keep electing the public officials who won’t stop it.

Disney has put all their money in child-sex change-teachers in school.

Move out.


Another crook.

These just missed my sports article.

Air Force One should be swapped for a Gulfstream  G650.  It is a Greener airplane.

Kids can get all the pornography they want on the internet, or at their teacher’s home.

The fishermen look like a bunch of Democrats who accidentally walked in on a flag raising ceremony.

The woke Emmys will be only on radio next year.



Astronomy Picture of the Day

Analemma over the Callanish Stones
Image Credit & Copyright: Giuseppe Petricca

Explanation: If you went outside at the same time every day and took a picture that included the Sun, how would the Sun’s position change? A more visual answer to that question is an analemma, a composite image taken from the same spot at the same time over the course of a year. The featured analemma was composed from images taken every few days at noon near the village of Callanish in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, UK. In the foreground are the Callanish Stones, a stone circle built around 2700 BC during humanity’s Bronze Age. It is not known if the placement of the Callanish Stones has or had astronomical significance. The ultimate causes for the figure-8 shape of this and all analemmas are the tilt of the Earth axis and the ellipticity of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. At the solstices, the Sun will appear at the top or bottom of an analemma. The featured image was taken near the December solstice and so the Sun appears near the bottom. Equinoxes, however, correspond to analemma middle points — not the intersection point. This coming Friday at 1:04 am (UT) — Thursday in the Americas — is the equinox (“equal night”), when day and night are equal over all of planet Earth. Many cultures celebrate a change of season at an equinox.

Tomorrow’s picture: lightning layer