Only 1 Left….



The Earth’s rotation is speeding up.

Make the swap.–biden-for-the-queen-still-stands


Any informed person knows that evidence will never see the light of day.  Those in power protect themselves and their institutions.

As usual, there are three sides.


The Big House Editor:  What are some exception real estate locations, LL ?

The Location, Location, Location, Cat:  Here is a nice one.  It was built during the other Great Depression.

The Dakota, in New York City.

A movie location.

A beautiful skyscraper.

Some underground land.

An unusual hotel.

If you support open borders you are a fool.  Over 2 million have entered this fiscal year with a month to go.

From Hollywood.

The dem politicians, sanctuary states/cities, and MSM have been stirring up hate for 7 years.  Turn on any MSM outlet.  America has a hate driven political system.


SEC football fans should check-out Cornelius The Computer.


A hobby might be just what you need.

Mine is teaching my mouse farm how to paint like Hunter Biden.  When one disappears Amigo looks at me like I ate it or something.

Iguanas are a problem over most of Florida.  DeSantis has a plan to send them to The Vineyard, or maybe Hollywood where they would be more at home.

The funniest thing about Iguanas is when Florida has freezing weather.  The people wear football helmets to protect themselves from frozen lizards falling out of trees.  DeSantis said he might paint them brown, stick some plastic claws on them, and sell them at Martha’s Vineyard as lobsters.

If you want a job, apply at Honda Payroll Dept.  Maybe you can pick up comatose lizards in Miami.

A cry baby.  He must be a dem.

Just leave your kids at Disney for their surgery, come back in a week.

A dangerous TikTok challenge.