Bernie gets interrupted….

On My Soapbox….hello caucasians



Dear White People,

I want you to know that Tolley’s Topics still loves you. Especially all you white men. You all hold a special place in my heart.

Why do I feel motivated to point this fact out to you? If you managed to suffer through any of the Democratic debate last night…surely you white men must feel unloved and insignificant. It is your fault that Bloomberg implemented Stop & Frisk in New York. It is your fault that Elizabeth Warren got pregnant and had to change jobs. It is your fault that Georgia updated their voter rolls to eliminate dead people. Shame on you….just ask Governor Stacey Abrams. Except for a white man those dead Georgians could still be voting as Democrats. It is your fault that Joe Biden does not know where he is, where he has been and where he is going. It is your fault that Poor Old Socialist Bernie Sanders has to step up to the plate to defend Castro and Communism. Yep, Old Geezer Bernie is doing his part to give his God “Castro” credit for implementing a literacy program in Cuba. He just fails to point out that it was a learning program created so the Communist propaganda could be read by more little communists so they could grow up and be Mommie and Daddy communists to new little baby communists.

YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR SINS, WHITE PEOPLE!  No matter which Caucasian, America-Despising, Second Amendment Hating, Constitution Shredding Democrat Idiot faces Donald Trump in November…YOU WILL PAY!

Just Kidding! Our Donald Trump will wipe the floor with the loser who wins the Democratic nomination.

Just to be clear….We love American Citizens at Tolley’s Topics. Red, Yellow, Black or White, they are precious in our sight. The words American Citizen are very important. If you are not an American Citizen and your name is not on the list to start the Naturalization process to become a legal citizen….then go home.

In my America, I have watched as massive demonstrations take place in defense of Gun Control, Illegal Immigrants, Women, African Americans, Animals, LGBTQ, and Muslims. In fact, there are only two groups that are not vigorously defended in our country….

White Men and White Rats.