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Friday is Valentine’s Day……

“This two day advance notice may keep some men out of trouble. Personally, I do not take Valentine’s Day too seriously…..but I understand that tradition forces many to comply with Cupid’s Rules.

Be careful, the Valentines shown below are not good for your significant others. Your insignificant others? That is a different story.”
-Sheila Tolley-



“I have never understood why the ever-so-overused-poem states that Violets are blue. Violets are violet. Bluebells are blue.”

– Sheila Tolley-

Image result for picture of bluebells flower

Received from a Navy buddy who is in hiding!

Let me tell you that one simple spelling mistake — even a typo — can make your life a living hell.

I recently texted a short, romantic note to my wife while I was away on a fishing trip, and I missed one small “e.”

No problem you might say. Not so. This tiny error has caused me to seek Police protection to enter my own house.

I wrote, “Hi darling, I’m enjoying and experiencing the best time of my whole life, and I wish you were her.




‘Time To Say;’ Where Do Democrat Presidential Candidates Stand on Non-Citizen Voting?


The Editor: Who is in charge, LL ?

Super Tanker Cat: I think that too often fools are in charge. Governments are on automatic pilot. They are like Super Oil Tankers, it takes twenty ( 20 ) minutes for one to stop. They run on their own momentum.

Understanding Design Of Oil Tanker Ships

Who in their right mind would let these dogs live ? It’s a tough job, but some dogs are killers. Take them to the Mayor’s house.

3 Dogs Captured After Terrorizing NJ Neighborhood

This is even sadder. All of these dogs have violent histories.

These dogs are like doctors.

A child of six is fair game.

EXCLUSIVE: Mother Says School District Called Police After 6-Year-Old Daughter With Down Syndrome Pretended To Shoot Teacher With Finger

Who is in charge, who is refilling ink and paper in this printer ? Momentum.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Star Trails of the North and South
Image Credit & Copyright: Saeid Parchini

Explanation: What divides the north from the south? It all has to do with the spin of the Earth. On Earth’s surface, the equator is the dividing line, but on Earth’s sky, the dividing line is the Celestial Equator — the equator’s projection onto the sky.  You likely can’t see the Earth’s equator around you, but anyone with a clear night sky can find the Celestial Equator by watching stars move.  Just locate the dividing line between stars that arc north and stars that arc south. Were you on Earth’s equator, the Celestial Equator would go straight up and down.  In general, the angle between the Celestial Equator and the vertical is your latitude.  The featured image combines 325 photos taken every 30 seconds over 162 minutes. Taken soon after sunset earlier this month, moonlight illuminates a snowy and desolate scene in northwest Iran. The bright streak behind the lone tree is the planet Venus setting.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space