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Cocaine Mitch Prepares to Infuriate Democrats (Again) by Signaling He’s Ready to Get Back to Judicial Business


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I think our computer has been hacked. Somehow Amigo’s password has been bypassed, and all I get is Thong. We will definitely get security working on that. From the definitions, it looks like all three are disturbances in which no one was killed. Here is the incident that started our investigation.

De Sousa seems to have picked up the behavior of the dems in Congress or even those running for dictator.


It Seemed Like Such A Good Idea At The Time. . .

The Russian hackers seem to have taken control of our files and included the uniforms of the crew members of Amigo’s boat. Rather than delete the entire article I will just print what we have. We can’t be as sexy as the Super Bowl Halftime.


From: Hank Ashmore
The Deplorable Infidel




Nancy Pelosi, we conservatives would like to thank you. You have shown yourself to be an amazing patriot. By your words and actions, you have singlehandedly given this great nation many gifts, all beyond measure. But the greatest gift of all? President Donald J. Trump.

In addition…

You have given us amazing growth. By goading us into the 2016 election of the spectacular President Donald J. Trump, you have brought in heretofore unheard of gains in the stock market; employment; trade; fuel independence; deregulation; lowered taxes; and many, many new constitutional judges. And that’s just a start.

You have given us amazing theater! With the Mueller “Russia Russia Russia!” Report and the Ukrainian “Quid Pro Quo (Joe) as Act I, Impeachment (solemnly and prayerfully of course) as Act II, and the subsequent “Tearing” up (or should that be “tearing up?”) of the magnanimous 2020 SOTU address by Nancy Pelosi as Act III, and finally Acquittal! As a painful and needless Act IV, your theatrics have been spectacular!

You have also given us the amazing Giant Finger. We’d never seen such a spectacle before. Why, bread and circuses were nothing to the Giant Finger! Sixty-three million massed moron deplorable dared think for themselves — how could this happen? “All Hail the Giant Democrat Finger*!” didn’t quite work out. *(Not to be confused with actual foam fingers for sporting events … those deserve respect.) Amazingly, Democrats, you have given us a true look at who you are and what you want. We don’t like what we see. Americans, you know, that vast mass of individuals of any and all stripes who happen to love their country, don’t want what you are selling. Best of all, you have given us unity, unifying us against Marxism, socialism, and communism.

For we, true Americans, who do not divide ourselves with silly labels, want only one thing: American Greatness. And only one man offers us that wonderful, beautiful, optimistic, amazing vision for all Americans: President Donald J. Trump. Patriots, vote as if your very lives depend on it. Because they do. Only one man in this race (yeah, I mean everyone, women or men, get over it) has your back. This November we need to have his.

Dawn Merrill



“If our country is to survive and prosper, we must summon the courage to condemn and reject the liberal agenda, and we had better do it soon.”
-Walter Williams-




Nancy Pelosi wants all the attorneys that served on President Trump’s defense team to be disbarred.



Nancy Pelosi’s tearing up of the SOTU address will do for President Trump’s re-election what Hillary Clinton’s deplorable quote did for his election. Remember the speech!



“My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.”

Thomas Jefferson

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Solar Eclipse over the UAE
Image Credit & Copyright: Joshua Cripps

Explanation: What’s happening behind that camel? A partial eclipse of the Sun. About six and a half weeks ago, the Moon passed completely in front of the Sun as seen from a narrow band on the Earth. Despite (surely) many camels being located in this narrow band, only one found itself stationed between this camera, the distant Moon, and the even more distant Sun. To create this impressive superposition, though, took a well-planned trip to the United Arab Emirates, careful alignments, and accurate timings on the day of the eclipse. Although the resulting featured image shows a partially eclipsed Sun rising, the Moon went on to appear completely engulfed by the Sun in an annular eclipse known as a ring of fire. Forward scattering of sunlight, dominated by quantum mechanical diffraction, gives the camel hair and rope fray an unusual glow. The next solar eclipse is also an annular eclipse and will occur this coming June.

Tomorrow’s picture: sky divide