Mis-Information Overload



We are living in remarkable times. A few days ago I had lunch with one of my adult granddaughters. We spoke about the changes I’ve witnessed in my lifetime, and those she undoubtedly will see. 

The technology that is available today is amazing. The computing power built into my new iPhone probably exceeds that of all the world’s computers when I graduated college in 1965. Instant access to information on the Internet makes it possible for anyone to research any subject. It no longer takes hours of searching through numerous books in various libraries to satisfy ones curiosity. It can easily be done from your cellphone or computer in your home or almost anywhere

But, and there is always a but, how do you know that you can trust the information you find? The Internet makes it much easier to publish information than it has ever been. Unfortunately it also makes it easier to publish mis-information. This is especially true with respect to the news.

Over ten years ago I got rid of my TV because at that time I watched little more than news, and the left wing bias in the so-called mainstream media (MSM) was more than I could tolerate. Previously they had kept their liberal bias better concealed, or perhaps I just hadn’t noticed. Since that time the MSM has turned more sharply to the left. Conservatives have done similar things, but in the opposite direction, but this hasn’t corrected the problem. Today everyone posting what they call news on the Internet has an agenda. They manipulate the facts to convey or support their own view. This compounds the problem of acquiring information from people who want to conceal the facts. (Is there any doubt that the coronavirus outbreak in China is far worse than the Chinese government is willing to admit?)

I do not believe any internet news source. So much of what passes for news is nothing more than opinion or untrustworthy poll results, that it is all tainted. I am just as skeptical of the conservative sources as I am of the liberal ones. The entire news media have discarded all of their credibility. I don’t see any way for them to recover.



Hitch Hiking in the UK

Georgia Gun Owners


The good news is that thanks to the members and supporters of Georgia Gun Owners, the Second Amendment movement is more active, mobilized, and engaged than ever before.

More than 35,000 emails (and growing) pouring into the Capitol in Atlanta in favor of Constitutional Carry.

Tens of thousands of emails in OPPOSITION to SB 150, HB 435, and SB 281, nasty gun control bills similar to those introduced and passed in Virginia … some even with Republican support.

The bad news is, we have a Governor who has done a complete 180 from the campaign trail, now refusing to provide public or private leadership on Constitutional Carry.

He’s appointed Ms. Loeffler to the U.S. Senate with the reasoning that she will pull suburban women to the Republican side, yet they are dressing her up in a fake hunting outfit with a shotgun slung over her shoulder trying to appeal to Brian Kemp’s own base.

As I write this, because of the massive pressure legislators and the Governor are getting from GGO members and supporters, they’re working on “compromise” legislation in an attempt to buy you off. 

We’re not buying it.

They think you are so ignorant that you will believe their lies about them “fighting” for your gun rights.  It’s more like fighting for their political survival. 

That’s why I’m asking you today to fire off another round of calls into Governor Kemp’s office, and also email your legislators again insisting they take action on Constitutional Carry (HB 2) and OPPOSE gun controls like SB 150 at all times.

Call Brian Kemp -> 404-656-1776

Don’t believe the person who takes your call that they cannot take your message — remember, they work for you, not the other way around.