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Tell it Dr. Drew……

“Dr. Drew has it right! MSM just needs to shut THE HELL up. Their, as well as, the Democrat agenda is to topple the stock market. They would really love it if they could push this into a recession. After all, every other trick they have tried to bring President Trump down has failed miserably. I hope you will watch this post and pass it on to all your contacts.”
-Sheila Tolley-




Nancy Messonnier is pushing the panic button on CONVIR-19. She is the sister of Deputy Attorney General in charge of the Mueller farce, Rod Rosenstein. It’s a small government.

Strange Coincidences Surrounding Both the Message and the Messenger of CDC Warning on Coronavirus


The Editor: What a confusing title, LL.

Maybe Cat: Maybe, our three levels of government should take care of American Citizens instead of illegals. There is only so much money.

These two are just sad. America needs some serious re-evaluation.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the FDA banned these products as cancer causing. They want teenagers as customers.

Maybe the Mayo Clinic is trying to provide more doctors to treat cancer and CONVIR-19.

This church is helping.

Here is some 007 news.

No Time To Die