Homage to Saint Floyd


The people of the most powerful country on the planet say goodbye to one of its BEST sons.
Even presidents are not buried like this.  A golden coffin; hundreds of thousands of mourners sobbing.  Thousands kneeling, apologizing to the black population of the country.
The Mayor of Minneapolis clutching the coffin with the body of ‘THE MOST WORTHY OF THE WORTHY’ citizens of America.
His sobs are interrupted by cries of “SOO…….OOOORY” again continue on the rise.
Choking on saliva, the ex-wife of the murdered weeps, though, the last time she saw him was 6 years ago. That’s when he left her with her three-month-old daughter. He hadn’t sent alimony to his daughter over the years. However, the unhappy widow has been crying for a week that she was left without a breadwinner.
Therefore compassionate Americans collected oodles of money for her. She’s received almost $ 20,000,000 so far from the world and money continues to flow in.
The University of Massachusetts has established a George Floyd scholarship.
The great Floyd’s rap sheet listed drug trafficking and armed robberies (last time, holding a pregnant woman by the throat and putting a gun barrel to her belly while demanding money). Then he worked a deal with the investigators. Floyd handed over all his accomplices so they reduced his sentence by several years.
Floyd’s autopsy revealed drugs in his blood. This is the national hero of America of the 21st century?
But there were followers. The Floyd love affair lives and grows.
Mass robberies and violence, as a sign of respect and grief for George, swept the US and now grows into a world wide event.

Some of the most beautiful areas of our cities, including New York and Los Angeles plus many others have now been destroyed.
A 17-year-old girl was terribly raped, many police officers were injured. Cars, squares and parks were burned.
US democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and the leading democrats in the country fell to their knees for over 8 minutes in homage to America’s latest hero.
I am at a loss to understand what is occurring in our country!


“You all know me, I am shameless.  I look for humor. I think it is funny that when the leading Democrats fell to their knees for 8 minutes in homage for Saint Floyd… Joe Biden did not know why he was on his knees and Nancy Piglosi could not get up.  In fact, I think it is hilarious!”
-Sheila Tolley-


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