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What a BITCH….

“Hey, Bitch Pelosi…Don’t forget, Donald Trump is the President who fast-tracked this vaccine for America. Not……all you Damn China-Loving, America-Hating Democrats. I hope you and Joe get to share the same room in the Home for The Senile. Maybe you will get to select the room since you are two years older than that Old Jack Ass!

The only thing any of you Democrats are good for is serving as the

Pattern For A Bad Example.”

-Sheila Tolley-





The Georgia Governor and Attorney General are Democratic Boot Lickers.


The Maxwell Files.

I guess the NYC ruling last week didn’t apply nationwide.


This is one of my few remaining articles about Twitter.  They like Communist and hate America.

Americans are uniting.


The Wright Brothers Editor:  Is this about airplanes, LL ?

Curtis Wright Cat: A little.  This is from our archive, I am doing my end of the year file dump.  It’s like the ballot dump in the first video from the ATL. The space shuttle was caught having sex with a 747.  The offspring didn’t get as much publicity as Joe Biden’s grand baby in Arkansas.  Joe is a big time crook/influence peddler.  I hope he retires today.

The baby is cute.

Speaking of sex, Katie Hill is back.  She is now a victim.  The people in power still don’t understand that it is a bad-look to have sex with people that you employ.  A Republican won her HOR seat.

Anyone caught outside with people other than their significant-other has mental issues.

Page has recognized his true self.

This works a lot like the Chinese leash Biden is on with  Xi Jinping.  It stretches a little.

Currin Covered Bridge

WGN – 37-20-22 Currin or Row River Covered Bridge – Built in 1925 in Lane County by Lane County spanning Row River on Layng Rd., single span, 105 feet long, Howe trusses

Oregon Bridge #14824. Nels Roney constructed the first covered bridge at this location in 1883 for $1,935. It was named for an early pioneer family in the area. When it was to be replaced in 1925, the lowest bid for the contract was $6,250. Lane County chose to do the work with County employees under the supervision of brothers Miller and Walter Sorenson. They constructed the bridge for $4,025. Like many of the others nearby, it has hand-hewn single-piece chords. This is the only Lane County covered bridge which is painted red with white portals. The portals are rounded. The bridge has been bypassed. It was rehabilitated in 1995.