Archive | December 8, 2020



This isn’t really news.  If Biden’s creeps didn’t dig up Karl Marx’s body, that would be news.


Few people will be vaccinated every three months. About half of Americans say they won’t take the vaccine.  I bet every shot after the first two will be expensive.


Who Does Know Editor:  What don’t you know, LL ?

Curiosity Only Gets You So Far Cat:  Sometimes being poor and/or stupid are hard to separate.

Science had a good run with the Arecibo Radio Telescope.

Vitamin D is like satisfaction–you take it where you find it.

The kid should have rioted and burned down the stadium.  Protestors are immune from punishment.

There must not be much profit in Cadillacs.

When The Pentagon finishes their UFO investigation, maybe they can check on Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Maybe de Blasio should check the waterways with the Millions his administration has given his wife for junk programs.

This is an old card.