Archive | December 11, 2020



The dems, minorities, liberals, and MSM can drop the White Privilege BS.  It doesn’t fly.  It’s all about the money/power.

Hunter lost his MSM privilege.

A river of fog.


Michigan just voted Democratic, quit whining.


The Social Justice Editor:  Do you have a lot of Justice, LL ?

The Expert On Social Justice, Equal Justice, Political Justice Cat:  I do, I have more Justice than Battle Creek has Corn Flakes.  THIS IS A WARNING TO PEOPLE WHO WANT WHITE-PRIVILEGE: HARD WORK IS REQUIRED.

This is another warning to all people that are unaccustomed to White-Privilege.  Make sure you read the warning label.  It isn’t for everyone, no matter what you read or hear from the MSM or politicians.  It’s like electricity.

During the months long California quarantine Caucasian ( white ) people will be forced to stay with people  who dropped out of school, started doing drugs, and/or have an attitude that what they want is free.  This is to remind them of what hard work and education can accomplish.

Before you join the White-Privilege club, remember what Groucho Marx ( the comedian ) said about clubs.

If you can design, discover, or invent anything, you are on your way.  ( A good liar can be a politician )

We hope this 82 year old completes her term in good health.  The Smithsonian will display her use of White Privilege in the main hall.

RIP Chuck Yeager.