Archive | December 17, 2020



The Maxwell Diary.

Dominion voting machines were programmed to switch Trump votes to Biden, that is why they were shut down in the swing-states in the middle of the night.


If the scums win the Georgia, USA Senate runoffs Biden will turn left quicker than a NASCAR driver, looking for a door rope.

Honda recalls a million cars, the software keeps saying vote for Biden.


Our loyal readers who deal with rabbits should be careful.

I wish McEnany would get her own 30 minute update on a decent station.


The Fair Editor:  What is going on with rules and guidelines, LL ?

There Is An Exception To Every Rule Cat:  Rules are like sports records or laws–they are made to be broken.  See the Sanctuary Riot States.  Here is a rule that was just broken because of the millions of dollars involved in the college football championship.

Most of us have heard about about the Golden Rule.

The modern version is ” they who have the gold make the rules. “

I would like to see God smite the Americans who don’t believe in The Constitution-and want to enslave us,  just like the Egyptians who wouldn’t free the Jews.  This is a simple version of The Book of Exodus.

This lady must have listened to America’s Democrats about walls and fences.  This particular barrier said don’t cross me.

Californians should stop whining about their elected officials changing the rules.

She’s a Lady

“I encourage you to forward this post…Far And Wide, while it is available. Send it to your children, grandchildren and friends. I am sure it will be scrubbed from every available news source very soon. She is so beautiful, classy and is the wife of, My President, Donald Trump, who took no salary from American taxpayers during his entire term in office.”

-Sheila Tolley-