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ON MY SOAPBOX…Those sickening chinese-loving democrats & rinos



I have a friend who lives in Panama and knows, first hand, about Chinese vehicles.

She says:

“You may watch this and ask, where in the Hell are the Chinese autos?  As you will see this post takes off like a race horse and passes everyone around 2010.  The Chinese cars and trucks are all over the world except the U.S.  They use such substandard building ethics.  They do not meet DOT or EPA standards. We have had two Chinese trucks here in Panama and the windows do not protect you from the sun. No UV protection in the glass. We had to have them tinted.  Everything is made as cheap as possible. The prices on a new one is about one third to half the price of a U.S. one.”


“I thank my friend for this information. My prediction: When Joe Biden and the Gang of American-Hating Democrats are settled in and comfortable: They will have zero shame when they PUBLICLY crawl comfortably back into bed with China. They will do whatever is necessary to reduce our standards and eliminate the Trump tariffs so that the  Chinese vehicles, like everything else made in China, become one of our largest imports. Volvo and the Buick Envision are already Chinese owned.

I hope you will take time to watch this little race one more time. Keep your eye on the year 1997…watch Communist China take over the world of auto production. Then keep your eye on’s coming.” 





The woke group are American hating Democrats and the MSM.  Obama and Hillgal started the crap.  The Nashville Mayor is a Democrat.  The violent Antifa, MSM, and BLM are probably responsible for the bombing.


The reason it’s hard to get out of bed some mornings is your Genes think it is 500,000 B.C.

The dems will watch this case all the way to the Supremes.


Durham gets more power.


The Energy Editor:  Who is trying to shut down our energy sources, LL ?

BTU Cat:  The same white liberals that hate white people are the ones that want solar and wind to power the Earth.  These liberals are the ones who fly private jets all over the world.  You would almost think that they were carpet bombing Dresden in WW2.

The rich Liberals love their private planes more than sex and drugs.

Wind and solar will one day be enough, but not for years.  Forget nuclear, it is a killer with no way to store radioactive waste.  Here are some things that oil/gas make possible.

Oil is used to make more things than the MSM tells you.  These are a few items.

It even makes you pretty.

Sometimes you just stumble on it.

We don’t advocate an oil well on everyone’s lawn.

For sure, we don’t want to start a war like War Criminal George H.W. Bush, and have to put out burning-well-fires.

We need to get our number 1 world ranking back for exporting energy.