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This spy must love Communism to get close to Eric Swalwell.  California has more Chinese Communists than Wuhan, China does.  Remember, Dianne Feinstein had a Communist Spy as a driver for 18 years.


Joe’s foreign policy will thwart the Red Dragon.


The  ” As ” Editor:  What does your title mean, LL ?  Is it about the newspaper comics ?

The Far Cat:  My first article is correct as far as it goes.  The main enemies of America are a corrupt MSM, Democratic Party, and government.  Trump was bringing our economy back from the Chinese.

The Chinese give Billions to our colleges and research universities every year.  Congress doesn’t care, they get their cut.

Did Hunter Biden disappear with the Clintons ?

This is a sad situation.  The church of one of our great Americans has a Socialist, Communist, America hating skank as the pastor.  The church, along with MLK, was once a believer in Peaceful Civil Disobedience.  Raphael Wornack is no follower of King’s philosophy at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Louis Farakhan is a better example of Wornack’s beliefs.

Raphael is no Angel.

Dorena Covered Bridge

WGN – 37-20-23 Dorena or Star Covered Bridge – Built in 1925 in Lane County by Lane County spanning Row River near Government Rd., single span, 105 feet long, Howe trusses

Oregon Cost $16,547.64. The bridge was built at a cost of $16,547 in 1949 under the supervision of Lane County bridge foreman Miller Sorenson to span the Row River after the Dorena Dam was constructed and the reservoir filled. It is also referred to as the Star Bridge because it provided access to the Star Ranch. The original town of Dorena was named for Dora Burnette and Rena Martin. The town is now under the reservoir. The covered bridge was bypassed by a concrete span in 1974. The bridge was rehabilitated in 1996.