ON MY SOAP BOX….Damn sick of it



This will be a long post…so grab yourself a pot of coffee or a six pack of beer and find your recliner.

First of all….Every Baby Boomer remembers Geraldo Rivera. He was an American journalist, attorney, author, political commentator, and former television host.

If you do not remember Geraldo from his previous jobs, you probably remember him from his two hour television special in which he opened a secret vault which was once owned by Al Capone. Thirty million viewers watched, making it the “highest rated syndicated special” in history.

All he discovered was an empty Coke bottle in the vault.

There was a time when Geraldo had a brain that was capable of what I call “The Thought Process.”

That ship has sailed.

Geraldo claimed that Travon Martin would not have been killed if he had not been wearing a hoodie.

Justin Beiber has been really fortunate. I have never seen him when he was not wearing one of those “old dangerous hoodies.” In fact, you can purchase one of his design hoodies for the sum of $98 on line. (Get it while you can, when PINO Biden gets through, it will cost twice that amount.)

Moving on…as you know, a 13-year-old named Adam Toledo, was killed by a policeman.

This is Geraldo’s opinion of this incident.

“I cannot understand how  a thirteen year old, Black, special needs, fatherless child was killed by a policeman.”

Well….by all means, Mr. Geraldo…..allow me to help you understand how these incidents happen and also give you the simple 4-word SOLUTION that will prevent this from happening in 99.99 % of these cases in the future. You answer my questions and I will give you the solution.

I am sick of hearing about these black kids not having fathers. They have a Daddy. How did they get here without one? Maybe their daddy is in jail, Hell or Heaven. White daddys also reside in all three of these places. Or should we presume that having a daddy is another of those famous White Privileges?

Where was the Mother of the thirteen year old, Black, special needs, fatherless child?

This self-defense shooting by the police took place at 3:00 AM.

Why was a 13 year old autistic child out running around with a 21 year old man at 3:00 AM with a gun in his hand?

Does this same Mother have more children at home? If so, shouldn’t some government official be checking to see if they are in danger of Insufficient Parenting?

Why wasn’t this child, who was killed in self-defense, enjoying some restful sleep so he could enjoy school the next day?

Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, said the video of this child being shot was Hard To Watch.

No Shit, Sherlock. I imagine it is even harder for the policeman to watch. He was trying to defend himself against an individual running with a gun at 3:00 AM while responding to a 911 call that shots were fired.

Geraldo, you have 5 wives and 5 kids, by various wives. Human Nature tells me that you were not with all 5 of your kids every night. I just cannot imagine your wives all gathered together under one roof with you and their step children “popping corn” and watching movies together.

So where were your ‘physically fatherless’ seventh grade kids at 3:00 AM? Who were their 21 year old running partners? What kind of guns did they have?

I am personally quite Fed-Up with all the police harassment that goes on today. Defund the Police, my Ass. Defund the Democrat Fools who make such asinine demands. I owe People Of Color…not a damn dime. Of coarse, you and I have already involuntarily contributed to Black Farmers…and we are contributing to Brown illegals at this very moment. We want to be sure that these illegals have every advantage possible. Thank you…PINO Biden and VPINO Harris. These illegals will have personal teachers in classrooms. When is the last time citizens of Blue States had that option?

If Chicago offered that, maybe a thirteen year old, Black, special needs, fatherless child…would be looking forward to school on Monday instead of a funeral.

Geraldo, you and every other person who thinks like you, are the reason this problem continues to grow. BUT…you all must continue looking at the bright side, now BLM has another reason to burn, loot, and steal.

Don’t forget, some of these Democrat Congressional Fools even consider the stealing as justified, all in the name of Reparations.

I patiently await your answers. Meanwhile, here is the solution that I promised you that will prevent police shootings (of self-defense) in the future. It is so simple, it requires no college degree, no voting registration, etc….Just


You know, even George Floyd would be alive today if he had just followed this simple little rule. You cannot be excused in these cases, Geraldo, you have a public platform. You need to be promoting the red letters above. Quit defending the stupid actions of these people. Resisting Arrest is Resisting Arrest, NO MATTER WHAT COLOR YOU ARE!

People of Color should just quit calling the nasty old police and wearing hoodies, right?

The empty coke bottle Geraldo found in Al Capone’s vault has more brains than any Democrat or any RINO at heart, like Geraldo Rivera.




9 thoughts on “ON MY SOAP BOX….Damn sick of it

  1. Very good Sheila, I said the same thing, a 13 year old has no business out on the streets at that hour of the morning, and that Mother should be held responsible for not knowing where he was at. I hate how the News, and the Democrats can not put the blame where it really belongs.

    • It is just as you so perfectly called it in your “Our God Given Rights” segments. These Democrats are SHEEPLE, not people. MSM says it and they bow down and kiss their feet.

  2. I guess the policeman should have went over to the kid while being shot at and asked him at 3 am if he was autistic and then called his dad at the crack house to come get him or better than that call Geraldo to come and talk with him I think some of these democrats should ride alongside our policemen and women in a high crime area at 3 am something anddefuse their situations for them

    • Yep…you are right, Joe. That is what these fools expect. They DISGUST me. This policeman will never get over this…..no one cares about HIM. Just like the homeless Vietnam Vets…the Dems do not give a DAMN about them…lets bring in thousands of illegal immigrants..feed them, give them medical treatment and send them to college. I HATE these modern day Democrat/Socialist/Communist with all my heart.

  3. My Dear Sheila,
    You are so right the left has and will continue to destroy this beautiful and wonderful country of ours.
    As I have stated before we are now at war with those who would make our country a third world country with a dictator as our leader. If we the people of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA don’t do some thing fast we will never recover.
    So load up your weapons and get ready to fight the good fight to save AMERICA!

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