Good Night Now…Born To Be Wild


We Kemp her out in 2018 and we must vote in Georgia to keep her out again. Hopefully with such a huge margin that SHE can even understand the math!
-Sheila Tolley-

A Few More Good Ones






It’s just numbers.


Don’t forget messages on gas pumps.


The End Number 7 Editor:  What is the beginning of our upcoming END, LL ?

The Lunar Cat:  This one can’t miss.  I hope it is the end of the Democrats.  I would give up one of my spots of each color.

There is a Lunar Eclipse on November the 8th–the same day as the midterm elections.

This is an article from 2018, but the superstitions are still the same.

Nuclear war has a good side.

TEN7E:  Do you have any ancient rituals on Cumberland to frighten the Democratic Swamp Sows away, so they won’t eat the moon, TLC ?

We have the Wolfbot that protects Amigo’s Weed Crop, but it should also work against the Hogs.  It even looks like Pigleosi.

Judge Carr could work for the DOJ or FBI, she’s a natural.  She might be Presidential Timber.


Here is what the Democrats have for you.


Let’s hope they are also watching the counting of ballots.


This is funny. The dems wouldn’t approve Trump replacing oil for $20 a barrel.  Biden was selling oil to China when he first tapped our reserve.

Congress should straighten out the sanctuary status of a D.C. run wild.  The District of Columbus is an arm of Congress–much like MSNBC being an arm of the Democratic Party.  Remove the BLM graffiti crap off the roads.

AOC and her ” Big Booty ” ( not Kardashin big ) doesn’t like being shouted down.

Hobbs is a Gila Monster.

BLM–Black Lizards Matter

Susan could have done this 7 years ago, if she had stopped hating Trump, and worried about the dems in charge of California.

A mystery.

More Smiles & Thoughts