Enjoy A Few More Smiles



Don’t worry.


Musk gives a light show.




The New York Attorney General ran on a campaign to indict Trump.  She is a POS. 





The Part Time Editor:  For our Oregon loyal readers, what is overemployment, LL ?

Not Me Cat:  I wouldn’t be overemployed for all the pedophiles in DC.  It use to be called having two jobs.  The problem here is your first employer getting 8 hours work ?

Here is one viewpoint on overemployment.


Working from home should be worth from ten to thirty dollars a day in gas saved, wear and tear on your car, and lower insurance.

The Democratic Party should feel good.


You can’t get rid of the MSM frauds.


A good tackle, and a good piece of satire.



Al Sharpton will have a better chance of the nomination than Biden.


News from Iran is scarce, every news person is investigating Trump’s Nuclear Bomb In Mar-a-Lago.



Price increases are felt by everyone.  Maybe they will vote their wallet/purse.


Dick Morris is working for Trump for free.  He speaks with Trump every day, but wants no part of his next administration, only phone access.



RIP Loretta Lynn.


Today’s MEMES

Good Stuff

Every little bit helps. Every little quit hurts.

When asked what he thought about when he struck out, Babe Ruth said, “I think about hitting home runs.”

Killing time murders opportunities.

Asked which of his works he would select as his masterpiece, architect Frank Lloyd Wright at the age of 83 replied, “My next one.”

Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.



Beautiful Flashbacks From Yesteryear…PART 5


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Expanding Plume from DART’s Impact
Video Credit: Les Makes Observatory, J. Berthier, F. Vachier, A. Klotz, P. Thierry, T. Santana-Ros, ESA NEOCC, D. Föhring, E. Petrescu, M. Micheli

Explanation: What happens if you crash a spaceship into an asteroid? In the case of NASA‘s DART spaceship and the small asteroid Dimorphos, as happened last week, you get quite a plume. The goal of the planned impact was planetary protection — to show that the path of an asteroid can be slightly altered, so that, if done right, a big space rock will miss the Earth. The high brightness of the plume, though, was unexpected by many, and what it means remains a topic of research. One possibility is that 170-meter wide Dimorphos is primarily a rubble pile asteroid and the collision dispersed some of the rubble in the pile. The featured time-lapse video covers about 20 minutes and was taken from the Les Makes Observatory on France‘s Reunion Island, off the southeast coast of southern Africa. One of many Earth-based observatories following the impact, the initial dot is primarily Dimorphos’s larger companion: asteroid Didymos. Most recently, images show that the Didymos – Dimorphos system has developed comet-like tails.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space