Good Night Now….Mrs. Robinson

You can Stick Your New World Order….

Get Ready….

The adult Halloween costumes are making their way to the store shelves. Select your favorite dress-up theme for the night and enjoy Trick-Or-Treating.




The FBI has to be cleansed, from top to bottom.  There is no trust in any government institution or the MSM.

The Republicans and every person who values schools independent of the LGBTQAI + culture should get Ole Randi removed from American schools.  She is a C.

It is finally revealed.


Truth, Equity, and the American way.  FJB and Randi Weingarten.


The Untrustworthy Editor:  Who do you trust, LL ?

Not Many Cat:  I just trust people who I know personally.  It helps if they are articulate, bright, clean, and nice looking..

Trust Joe for a fair draft.

Nobody checks anything.

This is a poisonous water problem, about 8 years old.  The people involved were/are incompetent unelected public servants.

I don’t trust public officials, PERIOD.  I don’t personally know them.

I trust Red Wolves.

This was a boondoggle from day 1.  The federal government keeps the sanctuary states out of bankruptcy by borrowing more money for them.  Most have balanced budget limits in THEIR Constitutions.

I trust the Duchess of Sussex–it’s OK to cry.

We need a cleansing.  If politics was a car it would need detailing.

Joe has a short supply of diesel fuel.

Facebook has to be broken-up.

Mitch has turned into a Swamper Rino.  Anyone who supports the witch from Alaska has to go.

What is going on in Nevada ?


The dems love giving your money for ” Drag Queen/King ” performances.  Your kid’s schools are next.

These young women should know that any photo will end up on the internet.  One of their own must have published it.

Pennsylvania’s Fetterman has a little hidden dirt.

Any person not brainwashed knew the lies they were speaking, the MSM went along with it.

Pigleosi’s propaganda BS Committee will die a natural death.  The Republicans need to open one for Hunter, Joe, and many more in January—-what about January the 6th ?

Meghan is a media creation, just like Stacey Abrams.

Stay buckled-up.

These families have to move on with their lives,  enough already.

Fun Ones


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Clouds Around Galaxy Andromeda
Image Credit & Copyright: Andrew Fryhover

Explanation: What are those red clouds surrounding the Andromeda galaxy? This galaxy, M31, is often imaged by planet Earth-based astronomers. As the nearest large spiral galaxy, it is a familiar sight with dark dust lanes, bright yellowish core, and spiral arms traced by clouds of bright blue stars. A mosaic of well-exposed broad and narrow-band image data, this deep portrait of our neighboring island universe offers strikingly unfamiliar features though, faint reddish clouds of glowing ionized hydrogen gas in the same wide field of view. Most of the ionized hydrogen clouds surely lie in the foreground of the scene, well within our Milky Way Galaxy. They are likely associated with the pervasive, dusty interstellar cirrus clouds scattered hundreds of light-years above our own galactic plane. Some of the clouds, however, occur right in the Andromeda galaxy itself, and some in M110, the small galaxy just below.

Tomorrow’s picture: jupiter moves