An Important Message

MEME Me Up, Scotty!




Equality for everyone.


Justice Thomas has it figured out.


The Slimy Slithering Editor:  Did you think I was a Democrat, LL ?

The Snake Whisperer:  I sure did. I was about to decide which end to bite.  We did this story about 10 years ago, where does the time go ?  United is trying to out do American Airlines in lack of service.

American Airlines apologized to the squashed customer, sort of.

United Airlines has a special section, The Viper Seating-up with the Democrats.  They give free Tetanus shots and snake bite venom.

Hopefully, you will have someone like MacGyver on board.  The opening of the second video will give you the impression that you are in Pigleosi’s HOR, but don’t get upset, it’s just snakes.

Was Saint Nick’s grave found ?  Did it have presents ?

We need Saint Patrick to return and banish snakes from our Federal Government.

Republicans in the Senate  need to replace Mitch for his support of Murkowski, and withdrawing five million dollars in support of the New Hampshire Republican who might win over a current Democratic Senator.  Mitch is a rich swamper.


Fetterman is physically unable to work as a Senator.



Let’s sterilize Joe’s grandchildren.  Joe has to go, impeach him in January.


McCarthy is not the guy for Speaker.  Marjorie Taylor Greene ( MTG ) is the right person.

The millionaires won’t let moss or dust settle on their private jets.


Crist is a slimy worm.

Good news.

Is the Red Wave real ?  Vote and make it so.

The shots are a scam.  Everyone from Pfizer on down lied about the data.

Working Americans get screwed by the MSM and politicians.

Every driver that travels alone should check their car for unusual signs/items.  Keep doors locked at all times.  Buy gas or electricity in daylight hours.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Seven Years of Halley Dust
Image Credit & Copyright: Petr Horalek / Institute of Physics in Opava

Explanation: History’s first known periodic comet Halley (1P/Halley) returns to the inner Solar System every 75 years or so. The famous comet made its last appearance to the naked-eye in 1986. But dusty debris from Comet Halley can be seen raining through planet Earth’s skies twice a year during two annual meteor showers, the Eta Aquarids in May and the Orionids in October. Including meteors near the shower maximum on October 21, this composite view compiles Orionid meteors captured from years 2015 through 2022. About 47 bright meteors are registered in the panoramic night skyscape. Against a starry background extending along the Milky Way, the Orionid meteors all seem to radiate from a point just north of Betelgeuse in the familiar constellation of the Hunter. In the foreground are mountains in eastern Slovakia near the city of Presov.

Tomorrow’s picture: a dark and spooky nebula