Good Night Now…The Animals

Some Messages Need Repeating…


An Interesting Assortment

Ah, ‘tis the Irish who have it right!

I wish I had thought of that….

Good morning…

As you may recall, my Good Night song last night was “Devil With A Blue Dress On” by Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels.
My E-Friend asked,
“Sheila, did you mean this devil in the blue dress?”
Maybe this Democrat Tranny Craze has been popular longer than we think. We definitely know who wears the dress in that family.
-Sheila Tolley-


Astronomy Picture of the Day

NGC 1499: The California Nebula
Image Credit & Copyright: Stephen Kennedy

Explanation: Drifting through the Orion Arm of the spiral Milky Way Galaxy, this cosmic cloud by chance echoes the outline of California on the west coast of the United States. Our own Sun also lies within the Milky Way’s Orion Arm, only about 1,500 light-years from the California Nebula. Also known as NGC 1499, the classic emission nebula is around 100 light-years long. The California Nebula shines with the telltale reddish glow characteristic of hydrogen atoms recombining with long lost electrons. The electrons have been stripped away, ionized by energetic starlight. Most likely providing the energetic starlight that ionizes much of the nebular gas is the bright, hot star Xi Persei just to the right of the nebula. A popular target for astrophotographers, this deep image reveals the glowing nebula, obscuring dust, and stars across a 3 degree wide field of view. The California nebula lies toward the constellation Perseus, not far from the Pleiades.

Tomorrow’s picture: strange planet



Politicians and the MSM want dumb citizens/illegals, they offer little resistance.

Be careful.


Austin is a liberal roach breeding ground.


The Everything Changes Editor:  What is new, LL ?

Artificial Intelligence Cat:  This is completely wrong.  Someone uses Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) Computers to show what the Kardashins would look like without cosmetic surgery, and doesn’t even mention their BIG BUTTS.

I don’t even think there are real Kardashins.  Between the photo-shops, air brushing, and cosmetics, I think they all look like refugees from Venezuela.

We reported on changes coming to sports a few weeks ago.  With the questionable calls in baseball and football, PETA has approved of geese working as umpires.  They have eyesight made for difficult situations.  In football they can fly over the game like a drone airplane.

Speaking of football, the Washington Commanders NFL owner says he is no dirtier or smelly than any national politician.

One thing the geese have to be careful of is not becoming part of the game.

The CDC has been lying since Fauci’s Wuhan Flu arrived in America.  They partnered with the teacher’s unions to close schools without any scientific basis.


If New York will not ban pit bull dogs, neighbors should work out the danger.

Fetterman is also dangerous.

Kari Lake is a new American defender.  She will become a new target for our Commie MSM.


Here was a damned good dawg.


Politics has always been dirty, the voters seldom object.  Swalwell is the slimest, he even looks dirty.

Left Wing Democrats slur Herschel Walker.

MLK’s old church has become a woke disaster.  It has nothing to do with content of your character instead of color of your skin—it’s about the color of your money.

The National Hockey League ( NHL ) needs more people of color.

Under a Democratic House, Senate, and President it is easier to get Fentanyl than baby formula.

Maybe women are realizing that the whole trans-gender BS is just that.  Maybe they realize that a Supreme Court Judge should know what a woman is.

Maybe we will have a Red Wave.