Good Night Now…Little GTO



Smiles & Food for Thought….



Here is one of the illegal programs that you can’t get rid of.

Don’t trust butterflies, it leads to heartbreak.


Sometimes ( at election time ) the dems imitate God.


You Owe How Much Editor:  What is up with credit, LL ?

I’m Broke Cat:  This is unpleasant, but my share of the National Debt is a bunch.

More suggestions are rolling in.

YOHME:  Your share is $93,000.00 dollars, IBC.

The government can go pee up a rope.  Call me when my share is one million.  Amigo said he was going to start selling Inflation and National Debt Stock.  The higher they go the more money you make.  What could go wrong with that ?

Would this work, IBC ?

It might, when the government finds out they can delay interest for a year they will switch credit cards.  I’m not recommending one, it’s just to fill my article.

Here is some important information about credit cards.

Maybe the for America dems are waking up.  AOC probably wishes the big-booty yelling guy was back.


Biden asks the Saudis to wait until after the midterms to cut oil production.  What a guy !!!

The FBI didn’t report these crime stats, it makes the report look better for the dems.

Tulsi campaigns for a Republican.

You have to vote against all Democrats to silence the beast.


Joe has to go.  We want Kamala.


It looks like the unions are playing politics, waiting until after midterm elections to sink the economy.

This is my last report on Democratic Party run schools with Black city officers. Too many Black children deserve better parents and schools than the ones they have.  If the politicians aren’t changed another generation will be lost.


Bill Murray has problems.

Let her be in charge of the Hunter Biden investigation.

The dems gave us Biden and want to give us Fetterman.

Katie, you are a bad girl.

Biden’s rail strike isn’t settled yet.

Signs That Humanity May Be Doomed