ON MY SOAPBOX….Get back in the basement



The democrats have painted themselves into the corner of Joe’s basement. They were forced to endorse Senile Joe Biden to prevent Communist Bernie Sanders from further advancement. Now, Senile Joe has intermittent thoughts that the DNC are serious about him being the nominee. So, when he occasionally trips over an active video feed in his basement, he makes his Gaffe for the Day.

Obama has narrowed Senile Joe’s VP list down to Karen (I love Castro) Bass,  Kamala (I bedded Willie Brown) Harris, Susan (I lied about Bengazi) Rice and Elizabeth (I am a paleface) Warren.

The only other person with name recognition to replace Senile Joe is Crooked Hillary. The problem is they cannot locate Crooked Hillary. Word on the street is that she and Bill are hid in the basement of The Clinton Library in Arkansas.

Hillary will not come out of her basement until Ghislaine Maxwell reunites with Jeffrey Epstein. Until then, she remains nervous about a few things. Like, how many children did Bill (I love Blue Dresses) Clinton molest on Little Saint James Island and on The Lolita Express?

Yes, Indeed….politics makes strange bedfellows.


Petrina Ryan-Kleid, Parsing Bill (2012). Image via the New York Academy of Arts.

5 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX….Get back in the basement

  1. I doubt that Hillary is that nervous about Bill,as she is her own hide. Truth is I think she is a lot worse than Bill. I doubt there is nothing she would not do. Her and John Podesta love to order Pizza. Remember Pizza Gate.

    • Witch Hillary cannot be written off as the Democrat nominee for president until she is dead, cremated and her ashes sent to the dark side of the moon.

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