Pelosi Letter

Pelosi and Wheeler’s offices confirm letter is fabricated

Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, told USA TODAY via email that the letter is fake.

Timothy Becker, a spokesperson for Wheeler’s office, confirmed in an email to USA TODAY that the mayor never received the letter.

“Who cares what Drew Hammill and Timothy Becker have to say? Remember Pelosi also stated that she was part of a “set-up” when she tramped off to get her hair styled while everyone else was locked  in quarantine. Even when the camera shots were released of the old bat, she said she had been set-up.

My bet is that The Big Mouth Of The House did send this letter. It sounds just like advice the old Trump-Hating Witch would write.”

-Sheila Tolley-


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-Sheila Tolley-





I had to change today’s article because of breaking inauguration news.  Some of these links should not be interpreted to demean anyone.  Everyone has an idea of what Kamala will wear.  We have it on good authority ( CNN )  that these are true.  We all know that CNN would never lie or give false information. She will wear her Converse sneakers, a bindi to honor her mother from India, a Sari covering, and a pussy-bow blouse.

Melania is wearing a pussy-bow blouse, we couldn’t find Kamala wearing one.

Joe has been working with people from India for years.

One last thing about Kamala, with all the news about her feet, I’m beginning to get concerned about Willie Brown.  TikTok is a Communist company.


This Chip Chip is for MST.

Ole Joe and the dems are bringing America some new illiterate, violent, Wuhan Flu infected, voters.


The 2021 Editor:  Are you ready for some questions, LL ?

The Problem Solver Cat:  I sure am.

T2E:  Why are so many people leaving Californication ?

If they stay they will have to learn Spanish and Chinese.  The chances of burning to death while asleep are about 50-50.  The rolling electrical black-outs are permanent.  They keep lowering the penalties for child sex predators.  The main reason is a new tax on oversize butts.  The Kardashians are already looking at other places.

The Kardashians are moving because of the big-butt tax, and the excessive use of the letter K.  The Kappa Kappa Kappa people have moved from Kalifornia because of the K shortage.

The Kappa group will move to Iceland where K’s are more prevalent than hosts on CNN with sexual problems.  They have ordered thousands of address books from Reykjavik, the capital.

The O’s will have to sell their California mansion to pay M’s big butt tax.  She just isn’t a California girl.