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ON MY SOAPBOX…Buy a vowel, hold the umbrella



I guess most Americans are now familiar with the name Jen Psaki? That is PINO Biden’s Press Secretary.  Maybe it is just me but, doesn’t she need to buy a vowel and stick it right between the P and s in her name. Or perhaps, make the P silent, as in pneumonia. It is a pretty cool name though, it sounds like one of those drinks with a little umbrella…”I’ll have a Psaki on the rocks please, hold the umbrella, I don’t trust those little trinkets made in China.”

Well, Jen Psaki had her first press conference yesterday.  Oh yeah, they threw her some really tough questions.

Here is a good tough example. They asked Psaki if PINO Biden (hold on, let me explain this….I will never address Joe Biden as President just as I have never capitalized the word obama. Biden will always be PINO {President In Name Only} and I never had enough respect for obama to give him a capital letter.) So lets start over on the little historical moment of Psaki’s first question.

They asked Psaki if PINO Biden would keep Donald Trump’s Air Force One color scheme change?

Psaki replied: This is such a good question.

How nauseating. I puked.

That is a stupid question. We all know China will have it painted red with gold stars. Now let’s get serious.

Where in the hell is Jim Acosta? I know CNN took away his Chief White House Correspondent title, but surely they can send him back for a day or two. We want some HARDBALL questions. We want to know all about this new PINO and FLINO First Family. Get down and dirty with them. Treat their family and kids like you did Trump’s. NOTHING is off the table.

Don’t be nervous, Acosta…I have prepared some well-thought out questions for you. All I need for you to do is bring your arrogant ass to the next press conference…and treat PINO Biden with the same disrespect that you showed President Trump. Will you get answers to these questions for me, please?

Who is in possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop at this moment?   Will PINO Biden diligently pursue the current federal investigation of Hunter Biden?   Will Hunter and Burisma rekindle their “AFFAIR” since the BIG GUY managed to steal the election?   Was PINO Biden contacted before Hunter was kicked out of the military for testing positive for cocaine?   Why did PINO & FLINO Biden spend their honeymoon in the Hungarian People’s Republic, behind The Iron Curtain?     Were they already friends with the Hungarian brothers, George and Paul Soros?   Why was the name of FLINO Jill’s daddy changed from Giacoppo to Jacobs?   Why did FLINO Jill get her doctoral degree under her birth name of Jacobs instead of Biden, even though she had been married to PINO Biden for 30 years at the time?   Since Hunter has blessed PINO Biden with a bastard grandchild, that PINO BIDEN continually forgets to include in his total grandchildren count, does Hunter now wear a condom when he has sex with strippers?   Since FLINO Jill was once a model in Wilmington, Delaware, will we be seeing every pose of her distributed all over the internet like we did our Beautiful Model and First Lady Melania Trump?   Do you think, in stark contrast, the SPEECH GODS will censor those of FLINO Jill?   Will FLINO Jill be sporting those classy stiletto heels like our gorgeous FLOTUS Melania Trump, or will she lean more toward those size 13 converse sneaker clown shoes of V-PINO Harris?

As you will notice, Arrogant Acosta, 99% of these questions require only yes/no answers. With a cooperative Press Secretary, working with an experienced reporter, such as yourself, you should be able to get answers to all these simple queries in less than ten minutes. Go for it Boy, because….

Inquiring minds want to know.

(By the way….these questions highlighted in blue are taken straight from FLINO Jill’s biography. They are not jokes..think about it.)


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