Chicken anyone?

Greatest Comeback on Fox News



This is great.

A crook reverses her decision.

Biden stole Trump’s votes and tried to steal his Twitter followers.

Cardi B would be a great Biden representative for preschool children.   The little darlings first words might be mofu papa.


Justice can’t be repeated enough.

Check your pet food.


The Do Right Editor:  Is Dudley opening up 2021 for us, LL ?

Wonder Cat:  Dudley would be a great start for the New Year.

Gal ( Wonder Woman ) had a great idea.  Tell the lefties and MSM to shut up.  All you have to do is stop going to their movies and turn the channel.

Here is a tribute to the great Macedonian ( Greek ).  I’m sorry Hill-apatra never got her official welcome.

The people who support these cities, want to die or be killed like rats.  f@ Kamala will straighten things out. ( review Sphinx–Kind of New Words for f@ explanation–01-01-21 ).                                                                                                                                                                                                        

America has to get over the way she was, and worry about today & tomorrow.



Earnest Covered Bridge

WGN – 37-20-35 Earnest or Russell Covered Bridge – Built in 1938 in Lane County by A.C. Striker, Lane County spanning Mohawk River on Paschelke Rd., single span, 75 feet long, Howe trusses

5-panel Howe truss. Cost $1900. T16S R1W S8. The Earnest Bridge was named for a nearby family. The original covered bridge at this location was an 83 foot long structure called the Adams Bridge. It was built by A.N. Striker in 1903. When it was replaced in 1938, the $2.449 cost included $72 for wrecking the old bridge. It appeared in the movie Shenandoah, filmed in the Mohawk Valley during the mid-1960s. The movie company altered the bridge to reflect Civil War architecture, and then restored it back to the original condition in 1965.