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The dems are arrogant hate-mongers.

Liberalism is wonderful.  I thought a noose was a hate crime.  Where is NASCAR ?


International News

Welcome to our Asian loyal readers.


Citizens in commie states have to organize.

The NRA is moving to Texas.


The Freedom Editor:  Should the people in America be protesting, LL ?

The Shakespeare Cat:  They should be protesting like the Player Queen and Queen Gertrude in Hamlet.  I can see ole Joe turn to Kamala of the big feets [sic], and say ” me thinks they doth protest too much. ”

We have already reported the Walmart philosophy.  It applies to all of these companies.

The major banks are cutting off credit card accounts and credit to Trump supporters.

Fortune Magazine has blacklisted former Trump supporters.

Trump can’t accept political donations by credit cards.

The PGA is funny.  Trump employs more Black, Brown, Yellow, and Red people than the PGA will ever hire.

Warner is a BLM/Antifa/dem boot licker.

Marriott Hotels and Twitter have joined the freedom hating dems.

Facebook continues to censor anyone opposing the dems and other social media.

YouTube feels neglected.  This exhausts my interest in MSM political actions.  For 12 years they have been members of the Democratic Party.  There is little reason to keep listing their censorship.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Jets from Unusual Galaxy Centaurus A
Image Credit: ESO/WFI (visible); MPIfR/ESO/APEX/A. Weiss et al. (microwave); NASA/CXC/CfA/R. Kraft et al. (X-ray)

Explanation: The jets emanating from Centaurus A are over a million light years long. These jets of streaming plasma, expelled by a giant black hole in the center of this spiral galaxy, light up this composite image of Cen A. Exactly how the central black hole expels infalling matter remains unknown. After clearing the galaxy, however, the jets inflate large radio bubbles that likely glow for millions of years. If energized by a passing gas cloud, the radio bubbles can even light up again after billions of years. X-ray light is depicted in the featured composite image in blue, while microwave light is colored orange. The base of the jet in radio light shows details of the innermost light year of the central jet.

Tomorrow’s picture: brain star