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How do you like Communism so far?  Like me, you probably thought it would take some kind of congressional action to eliminate our Freedom of Speech. WRONG!

We now know all it takes is an agreement between….and millions of $$$$ from Covid China, Social Media and MSM to displace a president, take control of the senate and dissolve our constitutional rights forever.

Your new Gods will be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, etc. If not, you can just SHUT UP because: You have no voice. You have no opinion. You have no vote.

Or at best, you have a voice that will be silenced, an opinion that does not matter and a vote that will not be counted.

This decision has been in the making for a while. You can rest assured the Master Plan started when  Donald Trump whipped Hillary Clinton’s Crooked  Ass in 2016.

Donald Trump started Making America Great Again and even more people who love America had the audacity to become Trump Followers. We all know that Trump drew massive crowds while Joe Biden could not fill a booth at McDonalds.

Our Freedom of Speech is only the beginning, my friends. Do you remember when Bitch Hillary Clinton said out loud that “taking guns was not necessary because all she had to do was eliminate access to ammunition?”

I can at least close this post on a positive personal note:




Did anyone got invited to Trump's afur night? | Somali Spot | Forum, News, Videos

He fought for America and we must continue to fight for him.



This is why convicted terrorists should have their conviction appealed to the Supremes within a month after conviction, and then be put to death.


This is a big fish.


The Time Is Now Editor:  Do you know what time is, LL ?

Tick, Tick, Tick, Cat:  I sure do, It’s natures way of keeping everything from happening at once.

Nancy Pigleosi’s nephew is close to being recalled as governor of the ex Golden State.  Maybe his time has come.

If this wasn’t sad it would be disturbing.  Off and on for 10 months rioters have targeted The White House and surrounding park.  The dems and DC Mayor Bowser did nothing.  Bowser even painted a political slogan on public property.  What a f@, they can pee up a rope.

The big accomplishment I remember from a few years ago is the DC cops killing a Black woman  with her 1 year old child in the car.  She was shot 5 times in the back.

Congress was shown standing up in session and applauding the murder.

At the 2 minute mark you can see the police are too stupid to block her car.

TTINE:  What is your point, TTTC ?

The entire DC political system is a corrupt enterprise.  I would suggest that they be investigated for RICO violations, but the FBI is also corrupt.  Coverups only breed more corruption.

This Congressdungbeetle, who is in charge of funding the Capitol Cops, is going to straighten things out.  He don’t need no stinking badges.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Star Cluster R136 Breaks Out
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, & F. Paresce (INAF-IASF), R. O’Connell (U. Virginia) et al.

Explanation: In the center of nearby star-forming region lies a huge cluster containing some of the largest, hottest, and most massive stars known. These stars, known collectively as star cluster R136, part of the Tarantula Nebula, were captured in the featured image in visible light in 2009 through the Hubble Space Telescope. Gas and dust clouds in the Tarantula Nebula, have been sculpted into elongated shapes by powerful winds and ultraviolet radiation from these hot cluster stars. The Tarantula Nebula lies within a neighboring galaxy known as the Large Magellanic Cloud and is located a mere 170,000 light-years away.

Tomorrow’s picture: phase the moon