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ON MY SOAPBOX….Pockets full of posies



Ring around the rosie,
Pockets full of posies;
Atischoo, atischoo, (or, Ashes, ashes)
We all fall down.

Two of the more well-known plagues that devastated the European area in the Middle Ages were the Black Death and the great London Plague. Rhymes and songs were a way for the common people to tell stories to each other, and a way of carrying those stories over to succeeding generations.

One of the more common interpretations of this rhyme is as follows:

Ring around the rosie,
[refers to the rosie-red round rash marks on the skin —one of the first signs that a person had the plague]
A pocket full of posies;
[one of the superstitious ways used by people in the Middle Ages to try and fend off the plague was to stuff their pockets with posies (flowers)]
Atischoo, atischoo,
[sneezing was also an early sign of the plague if it was a pneumonic plague; however, not all types of plague involved sneezing]
or, Ashes, ashes
[the dead were often cremated]
We all fall down.
[most of the people infected with the plague died]

If I were to rewrite this little ditty to reflect modern times, I would write it like this:

Trump is still the leading man,
We need another plan;
Covid, Covid,
Spread it all around.

My interpretation of this rhyme is as follows:

Trump is still the leading man,
[Democrats tried every game, trick, lie, etc. possible to bring POTUS Donald Trump down. They wanted him ousted, no matter what it took. Everything failed because true Americans loved, AND STILL LOVE, Donald Trump. He absolutely Made America Great Again. Even the sorry, lying Democrats know that is true]
We need another plan;
[After every Democrat scheme, legal or illegal, failed. Their Devoted Associate and Primary Business Partner, CHINA, came to their rescue. They sent The Chinese Wuhan Virus]
Covid, Covid,
[POTUS Trump called it exactly what it was, The Chinese Virus. Democrats and MSM starting having a meltdown. It eventually became known as Covid…because that is what The Speech Gods preferred that it be called]
Spread it all around.
[In order to spread The Chinese Virus as quickly as possible, Nancy Pelosi, the Big Mouth of the house proudly proclaimed, “Let’s all go to Chinatown and party.” Joe Biden (future PINO) announced that POTUS Trump was over-reacting when he stopped foreign air travel into America.]

I would add a second verse to my little modern ditty:

They stole the election,
Now they’re screaming Insurrection;
Patriots, Patriots,
Will be taking back their ground.


Feehery: The left's patriotism problem | TheHill



RIP Hank Aaron.  Barry Bonds’ home runs were helped with steroid use.




One winner in the Mega Millions.



Georgians in the USA should get behind Doug and take the Senate back.



The chemicals that the government doesn’t even test are working.


Biden’s actions can be found in our news links.

Patriots should start retaking local governments and opposing people like Cheney and Mitch McConnell who are secret dems.




Our readers in Monaco have some 5G information ( short term ).




The West Coast Editor:  What are the Washingtonians or Toners up to now, LL?

I Like The Toner Nickname Cat:  The Toners are just goofy.  Liberalism spreads quicker than a STD in a Democratic Caucus meeting.  They have begun composting human remains.  It supposedly cost around $5,500.  When the truth comes out you could probably get  Elon Musk to send the body to space in a Tesla for less money.



Scratch sending grandmother to space in a Tesla.  The pesky fire problem is solved, they just explode now.  The DNC will give them to BLM so they won’t have to carry gasoline bombs to riots.


They could just leave the bodies in the Antifa/BLM burned out city blocks in Seattle, and let buzzards eat them.  It’s a very green-policy.  You just come back in a week and pick up all the metal knee and hip replacement leftovers.  The homeless could sell the stainless steel for recycling, and buy more heroin from illegal immigrants. 

TWCE:  Maybe Greta Thunberg, who is trying to get her high school diploma could come and do some Public Service Announcements ( PSA ), about recycling, Toner Cat ?

That would be great.  I will send our limo to pick her up.  She needs some guidance from a higher power.


Mitch McConnell tops the list for today’s most slimy Swamp Creature.  Trump can’t help him now.  The R’s need to remove him from all committees.


Biden and his crew don’t care about rising suicide rates, legal drug overdoses, or any other problems.  As we have often reported their job is to destroy Trump supporters, then America.

China Flu…The lighter Side