New store opening in D.C. next week


ON MY SOAPBOX…Hello white people



Greetings, my fellow Caucasians. I am glad you stopped by Tolley’s Topics today. I want to tell all you Republican white people that I Love You! Especially you Republican white men. I love all you Republican white men with all my heart. Do I sound a little soft or mushy?


Well, someone has to step up to the plate and ask Cupid to send those little arrows of love out a little early this year. We can’t afford to wait until Valentines’ Day. That would give Old Joe a month to add Melanin to Cupid’s complexion. Because….you know someone is going to have a serious problem with Cupid being white.


Oh yeah, our new Cupid will be wearing Nikes, a mask and Biden aviator glasses. He is going to Hip-Hop and Moonwalk his  Love….right into your heart.


Pelosi, The Loud-Mouth Of The House, has already said: “The Trump supporters at the Capitol chose Whiteness Over Democracy.” Stupid statements such as that always stir my inquisitive mind.


Did Pelosi spruce-up in her George Floyd Kente scarf, high heels, BLM mask and do a survey? Did she position herself among the rioting, screaming, pushing, pulling, shoving, fighting, sign carrying crowd and say: “Excuse me sir, I am doing a little survey and I would like to know if you choose your whiteness over democracy?”


Her stupid comment reminds me of the old Preparation H commercial from decades ago. A fellow on screen says, “Luther Wilkins has the worst case of hemorrhoids in Murphy, North Carolina.” Then Old Luther would get on screen and tell about the miracle of Preparation H.


I always wondered if they done a door-to-door survey in order to find old Luther.


I have posted a previous Soapbox link below to show, once again, why I love all you white men. I hope you open and enjoy the post.



Mask Violation



This is a repeat for Nancy and the media.  They appear to be brain damaged.  Remember the dems are trying to divide Trump’s supporters.  Many readers pray for Nancy every day.

Joe has a plan.

Kamala will need the sneakers if Willie Brown calls.  She, like Michelle Obama, is a clothes-horse.  Little Red Riding Hood would have said, ” my what big feet you have Kamala. ”


International News—-Indonesian crashed plane is located.

The Isle of Mann has more Wuhan Flu cases.


Mayor Bowser didn’t need police for the Antifa/BLM riots, arsonist fires, and looting.


Trump gets another peace deal for Israel.

Here is a giant sinkhole.


The Liberal Gifts Editor:  What do our liberal/Democrat/racist buddies want to do for us today, LL ?

The Female Feline Cat:  Signs of the times are everywhere.

The best benefit from the dems is women are equal.  They are so equal that the dem men want to play sports and shower with girls and women.  Maybe people should peacefully protest at their state-houses.  The dems and MSM for some reason keep pushing males and young girls showering together.  Mothers and fathers must agree-they keep voting for them.

An even better sign of the times is letting minors have sex-change surgery.

We will miss Bob’s sign, and old neon signs.

It’s time for a good Willie.