America, It’s Time for ‘Unity’—or Else

The Wall Street Journal


If you were an enthusiastic Donald Trump supporter, are you ready to enter a re-education program?


Can you feel the unity?

Have you come together to bind the nation’s wounds?

Have you renounced your white privilege? Your unconscious bias probably hasn’t been eradicated in the last week, so it will need attention. But don’t worry. If you work in the federal government, you’ll soon have the opportunity—sorry, obligation—to get that fixed with a series of bias-elimination sessions. If you work for a large company, you’ve probably already watched the videos, so you’ve no excuses for continuing not to recognize that America’s foundational malignity is all your fault.

If you’re a woman, have you shared a restroom with some strapping-looking figure you’re sure used to be a man but now says she’s all female? I hope your high-school daughters are doing their part to unify the country by ceding whatever hope of athletic success they had to the new class of 6-foot-tall girls with bulbous triceps.

In the service of national unity, you should by now have agreed to welcome a new influx of illegal aliens into your community. Better yet, perhaps you’re an immigrant who’s been through the costly, protracted process to become an American citizen and are looking forward to welcoming those who opted to take the less “documented” route.

If you work in fossil fuels—maybe you’re employed on the Keystone XL pipeline—aren’t you grateful that your imminent joblessness is bringing the country together?

If you were an enthusiastic Donald Trump supporter, are you ready to enter a re-education program? You may not realize that your reprogramming is essential to the preservation of democracy, but after attendance at a series of camps led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a team of journalists from the Washington Post, you’ll once again be able to contribute—civilly—to political discourse.

If you expressed doubt online about the reliability of the presidential election result, your contribution to bringing the nation together might be an interview with a pair of nice federal agents.

As a commentator on a conservative platform, I’m ready to do my part for national harmony by being de-platformed by technology companies the next time I step out of line. But if you’re that rare thing, a conservative in academia, you might want to make sure your barista skills are up to snuff, though you probably won’t be welcome in any of the  Starbucks in Cambridge or Ann Arbor—or anywhere else.

After four years of hateful, divisive leadership that stoked raging enmities and fueled murderous bigotries, I hope you’re feeling the soothing balm of comity as it pours forth from executive orders, presidential declarations and the various ministries of truth that used to be news organizations.

In President Biden’s inaugural address—which in its composition and significance was reminiscent of Lincoln’s second inaugural, Pericles ’ funeral oration and the Sermon on the Mount—he emphasized that the path to national unity lies not only through our acquiescence to the Democrats’ agenda, but in a renewed communal asseveration of the truth.




This is wonderful.  The R’s should take every Executive Order to the Supremes.


Trump lets police rest at his hotel.

Biden rolls back more Trump policies.


The Olympics are on again.  If the Summer Games could be held in raw sewage in Rio, surely a virus is no problem.  Don’t call me Shirley.

More lies are coming.


The Dumb Editor:  What does Cat’s Paw mean, LL ?

History Cat:  That’s when someone uses someone else to do something, like being a dupe.  As our loyal readers know only Democrats are lower on the Cat Despised Chart than monkeys.  The Cat’s Paw story originated with monkeys.

Every time I see Joe and Doctor Jill, I think of two monkeys picking lice off each other.  Don’t let any political party or msm use you as a cat’s paw.

That is an opening for my second topic–Bodega.  In New York City, despite all attempts to make them sound fashionable they remain small-rat infested-death traps.  You will be robbed or killed.

There are two ways to have a safe bodega, have this employee or a cat.  Sometimes you have to act like a man.

Cats also protected the grain in storage when Joseph saved Egypt. This Chip Chip is for our new readers.

TDE:  With all the shootings, stabbings, burned buildings, rapes, robberies, riots, carjackings, and some major crimes is there anywhere in NYC to go, HC ?

Mickey D’s Cat:  The politicians have armed security to protect them, their families, friends, relatives, school friends, and pets.  If you want to be safe go to McDonald’s.  This is one of our favorite old videos.  Amigo sold a thousand rebars to our loyal readers.