Hate him or Love him…but it is True & FUNNY

4 thoughts on “Hate him or Love him…but it is True & FUNNY

  1. I enjoyed George from the start of his career. His stuff wouldn’t fly today, too realistic. FYI, back in the 50s, he worked as a DJ for a local radio station in Fort Worth Texas. When the coffee house/music venue, The Cellar opened in 1958 in downtown FW, he did his first standup there.

    • I did not know that, Phil. I bet he was a helluva DJ. You are right, they would put him in a re-education camp today. Still, my money would be that George would re-educate the guards. I like him! I wish he was still with us today.

      • My cousin worked at the Cellar club for a while as a waitress. She remembered him coming in and doing a stand up routine a few times. He wasn’t Lenny Bruce, but pretty close.

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