ON MY SOAPBOX…Clear it up, if need be



The Holy Bible promises us three score plus ten years as a life span. Having lived almost seventy years, my shelf life is knocking on that “Best Used By Date.”

I ask myself, at this point, what advice would I give to humanity?

That is the most simple question in the world to me.

Earn yourself a Clear Conscience.

That degree does not come in the form of an associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree.

It comes from within your heart. It comes from the acquired ability to listen, understand and forgive.

It is personal.

In years past, I have lost the most important person who has ever and will ever exist in my life, along with  many others who were “runner ups” in the race.

I thank Jesus for having allowed me through life to acquire the skills of listening, understanding and forgiving. These traits  have allowed me to have beautiful, humorous memories and a clear conscience.

A Clear Conscience.

Such a superb gift. A gift that only you can earn for yourself.

Get you one, before someone who you love exceeds their “Best Used By Date.”


Death leaves a heartbreak that no one can heal….But life gives us memories that no one can steal.


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