AMEN !!!!

What’s in a word?

We have heard all our lives that “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”…but what is a Word Worth?  Perhaps it is time we answer that question.
-Sheila Tolley-



I WANT THIS DOG!!…Speakers On

And this is our president…tsk, tsk

Tuesday Smiles…



Lane Kiffin fights the press.

Buy your very own Social Network.


A rare goldfish.

In a compassionate moment, Joe comforts another American who grew up poor.


Rare What Editor:  What is rare, LL ?

Believed Extinct Cat:  A very rare bird was filmed in Papua New Guinea.  The last documented sighting was when Jesse James was still robbing people.

Locals say the bird’s call sounds like a woman in distress.  They say it sounds like Maxine Waters, Pocahontas, or Pigleosi when they accidentally come close to an American Flag or Bible.

Here is another species thought to be extinct.  It was last seen about 30 years ago. A liberal-commie-left wing radical Democrat told the truth.  He has been in the Senate for 13 years, and is partially responsible for China owning America

This is one of a kind.

Here is something not rare, a Democrat sexualizing children.  Try her/it for sexual abuse.

The NHL goes ” SO “.

The Idaho Diary.


This is for our college football fans.


Let this be a warning to our loyal readers.  This passenger is lucky she didn’t wake up to some Democrat sucking her toes or sniffing her hair.


The media and Democrats are insane.  They are like 4 year old kids covering their eyes in hide-and-seek.


China owns America, and the Democrats hate America.  I’m almost tired of listing links to never ending same-o-same-o stories.


Read this a couple of times.

LeBron is a spiritual loser.  Dak is the man.  Anyone who can’t move on from 50 years ago is a forever victim.

More studies show masks are not effective against COVID or the flu.

Don Lemmmonne says something sensible.

This is funny.  The French aren’t appeasing law breakers.

Congress has another problem which they created.  The lobby money was too great.

Is there room for it and the ” SO ”  ( LGBTQAI + sticker ) ?

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