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We will see.

Rumors continue to circulate that Mayor Adams might hire a person who isn’t a friend or family member.


Censorship is good.


The Bizarre Editor:  What are some strange things, LL ?

The Unusual Cat:  It’s a strange world out there.  Here is a woman who complains about being pretty.  Go without makeup.  Go to a VA hospital and see people who have reasons to complain.

Millions of people keep electing politicians even though thousands are shot or killed each year.  I don’t care about these cities.

Many people need supervision.

An ex governor’s niece loses touch with reality, much like Joey.

This has probably happened since the beginning of time, but we have more news access now.

So has this.  The Democrats approve of child sex, ask any union teacher or Hollywood actor.

Paul and Nan are getting in condition for Italy.  They will search for her Soul.  The Pope said Paul could get an old one that once belonged to Ted Kennedy. It is barely used, practically new.

This isn’t a surprise.


The Idaho Diary.  The FBI should be kept a million miles away from this case.  They are corrupt, slimy, liars.  We are waiting for evidence of JFK’s murder about 60 years later.  Do you remember the Las Vegas shooting case that disappeared ? FJB and FBI.

Did the FBI do anything about Epstein’s murder ?  Three cameras and two officers saw nothing.  Go PUAR.


Sam is fired.  Schools are looking for union teachers, try Loudoun County, Virginia.


The NYT is a joke to knowledgeable people.


Another Joker.

Rowling is doing her share.

The heroin business is making a comeback.

Half of America voted for higher prices.

RIP Coach Leach.

This is great.  Could Alec Baldwin be in the movie ?

This guy has been a rat all his life.


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