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Use Fauci as an expert example.


Read the book.


The Confused Editor:  Do you know about the Genderbread Person, LL ?

The Run As Fast As You Can Cat:  I sure do here is the fairy tale.  I used it a few times when Obama was somewhat important.

TCE:  The title is Genderbread Person, TRAFAYCC.

I’m sorry, never mind.

Here is a true story that inspired a film ” Cocaine Bear “.  Maybe Hunter made a cameo appearance.

Maine’s lobster industry employees should use the old regulations, and tell Joey to take them to court.  It will take 2 years to reach the Supremes.  That’s how Joey does bidness.

This is a repeat about 2 Georgia men shaving a monkey and saying a flying saucer left the alien behind.  It favors Mark Zuckerberg.


The Idaho Diaries.  Who knows ?  The last I heard there were FBI, State Troopers, and dozens of police agencies involved.  The FBI might be short of field experience with their 7 years of spying on Trump.


I wish America would make a modern rail system.

After the Mitch McConnell JCPA scam, I believe the worst.  Maybe Mitch will go on to greater rewards.

I hope DeSantis gets victims back pay for all lost jobs, and punitive damages for colluding among the Biden government, CDC, teacher’s unions, and drug makers.

Can Rachel be making political statements while in uniform ?  FJB and trans everything.

I wanna be like Mike.

Thank goodness this isn’t the Potomac River, and the seals aren’t Congress members.

Did ” Big Member Lori ” get her cut–like Joey got part of Hunter’s bribes.

Harry and Meghan are media creatures—like the Kardashians.


I have always heard that Elizabeth Taylor had beautiful Violet eyes. I’ve often wondered if this was true since she lived in the era before colored contact lens.

You be the judge. Are these eyes Violet or Blue? I find myself in a conundrum on this issue. If roses are red and violets are blue, then perhaps Liz’s historically reported beautiful Violet eyes are actually blue.

Either way, like Elizabeth Taylor, they are Beautiful.

I leave you with three #1 EYE songs to enjoy.
-Sheila Tolley-




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