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ON MY SOAPBOX…The name game

Do you know what I miss from the good old days? I miss the names that were so common during my young life. The names of my classmates, my friends and my neighbors.

Where did Gail, James (Jim), Sandra, Jack, Patsy,  John, Vicky, Alan, Yvonne, Judy, William (Bill), Robert (Bob), Mary, Martha, and Randy go?  

If I had known these names were going to disappear in the future, I would have encouraged the younger generations to remember their parents and grandparents as they selected names. Some people had Biblical names. Some people were named after their ancestors, it was called namesakes, back in the day.

Many presidents had respected, classy names. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, comes to mind. As you recall, he was called both Jack and John, depending on who was speaking of him.

William Jefferson is another very respectable sounding duo of names. When you tack Clinton on the end, it is like adding vinegar to ice cream but….the name did not ruin him, he ruined the name.

Then came Barack Hussein Obama. What the hell? I was writing for some local newspapers at the time he fell from an ominous cloud in the sky. I finally had to write his name down so that I spelled it correctly in my columns. After about two weeks, I decided I no longer wanted to respect him publicly, so forever after, I called him Little o.

Then America fell in love with hyphens, acronyms and weirdos.

Therefore, Sandy Cortez became Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).

A young bushy headed crook came from nowhere and robbed a million people, who were stupid enough to invest with him in Crypto Currency. This punk, named Samuel Benjamin Bankman-Fried’s, STOLEN net-worth peaked at $26 BILLION in October 2022. By November 11, 2022, the little punk was wealth-less. He is now residing in a rat & roach filled jail in the Bahamas. BUT…like AOC, he  has a hyphenated name and even more acronyms. 

He is now known as SBF the CEO of FTX FTT.  WOW! He will have a long name on his mug shot…..because the little thief robbed a million people, then….

…lost his ASS.

And that is not an acronym.

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Not everyone likes who they work with.

With a vaccine, fentanyl smuggling will never end.  Maybe that’s what is going on/the plan.


Don’t forget opening pickle jars and squishing spiders.


The Past Editor:  What’s up with history, LL ?

The Bull Cat:  The Virginia, Prince William County Supervisors have sold out a little history.  I hope the governor or legislature steps in and takes the property under imminent domain ( as they do when a highway route takes your home ).

They should build the data center in Beijing, the data is going there anyway.

Washingtonians came to watch the battle with sandwiches and opera glasses.  The NFL would like to sponsor something similar.

More history in danger.

A new bomber is announced.  Who thinks the Chinese don’t have the sketches ?  Personally, I think drone planes are the future.  The B-52’s are still in use.

Enjoy your work.


The Democratic U.S. President is a slimy skank.


California votes their debased-depraved officers into office.  They asked for it.


A great achievement, let’s give it to the Communist Chinese Government.

Buttigieg flew on tax-paid private jets 18 times.


This would be a treat.

This criminal even has a penitentiary face.

The dems and media will lie, cheat, steal, and kill to keep POWER.

The NYT says the AR-15 fires shotgun shells.

The good news is, maybe Disney will have less victims.

The Chinese want their share.

This killer wanted his share.  I would like to see his rap-sheet.

Maxine will be missed-not.  What a putrid elected official.

Emory Hospital solved their TikTok nurse problem.



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