O is the one.


For those who lost track of The Tonight Show, it’s back in Rat-City.


The Best Editor:  What are some Classic Clips, LL ?

Whoa, Whoa, Cat:  Our loyal readers can pick a favorite bar video.  Does a gun or horse empty a bar the quickest ?

The Austin Bar customers need to be working at the border.

This is one of Amigo’s favorites.  The fire truck sent to the crash site ran over a passenger that was thrown or crawled from the crashed plane.

This video is used to make fun of people who can’t follow signs or other danger signals.

Would you like a broken leg with those fries ?  The employee was found innocent.  The two women had passed fake 20 bills.

The employee should have started selling rebars.

I have admired Bob since I first saw his sign.


Good news.  The Senate will be tied again when Feinstein dies.


George Washington comments on Nancy’s all White photo, ” what the hecketh be goeth on “.

Half of the people are care-givers.

This is great news.


The continuing story of Timpani and Steve–moving from California to Texas, and back to California.

It’s harder to get entrance to Wimbledon than America, or any gated community.  America should require a coat and tie for entrance.

Brittney is free.  The Marine, Paul Whelan, is still captive.  Joey makes stupid prisoner swaps like Obama.


Here are a few reasons America is doomed.  Admiral Levine and Bradley will save America.  Their photo together is The Sphinx’s best of 2022.

There are hundreds of articles about exploiting elementary school kids.  There are too many to print.

Higher education is not exempt.

The media continues their lies.

Too many lying POS are elected.  They will never shut up.


Canada has a Bigfoot sighting.

More gun news.

What makes seemingly stable Republicans act stupid ?    Money ?

Maybe they are not informed.  Maybe kindergartens should teach safety instead of oral sex.

FJB and Forbes.


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