Well Worth Repeating

4 thoughts on “Well Worth Repeating

  1. She speaks the truth. I have been to the Middle East and they drive Mercedes everywhere, now and then you will see a road kill “camel” by the road. Those country’s rose from the sand overnight because of their riches in oil. United States took a century or more longer to rise to the top, but sad to say we are on the slope downward, and it seems to be moving rather fast. Stupid people make stupid choices. The youth of today are so gullible they will believe anything, and are much more interested in attending a concert or a Gay Pride parade. Say goodbye to those good old days.

  2. A rather smart Arab Sheik once said my grand father rode a camel, my father drove Mercedes, I drive a Rolls Royce. But my grand children will be riding camels. As they have no idea of what it took for me to get where I am and they will not understand.
    The same is true of the youth of today! We ( I am 80) lived through times of hardship and want as did our parents, so we know what it took. Our grandchildren just laugh at us and call us old and stupid. I feel sorry for them and their offspring as they will be living in a hell that was created by laughing idiots.

    • Hello Fred…you are right! There is a SAD awakening coming. I am going to get me a comfortable seat on a star, a glass of Jesus wine and watch as they wonder What Happened on earth? I will save you a seat on a nearby star, OK?

      • Sounds good to me. I will see you then and we can watch the idiots on the earth destroying themselves. Lol. Lol.

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