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Here is another child-grooming company, promoting homosexuality to children.


Our readers on America’s Eastern Seaboard should be aware of the weather.


All you can do legally is replace woke officials, including schools, and boycott the companies.  It helped against, Ford, Disney, and especially Budweiser.  FJB and them.


The Republican HOR passed a debt ceiling increase of 1.5 TRILLION last month.  Let it crash Joey.


Consumer backlash forced FORD to keep AM RADIOS in their vehicles.


The killing field, known as Chicago, could be close to losing the  Chicago Mercantile Exchange ( CME ).


Does Harry need time away from Meghan ?

Schools are teaching gay sex, gender mutilation, pronouns, and parental hatred. Ask the union teachers. Randi Weingarten is not a teacher.

The State Department decides your gender for you.

One day the Clintons will get a visit from Karma, so will the NYT.


The females should refuse to run against trans-anyone.  Do like your grandma did in the sixties–burn your bra.

Bud buys back unsold trans-beer.

More whistleblower news of Hunter Biden.

Any country can knock out any satellite in 30 minutes.  They are easier than a Los Angeles Safeway Pharmacy.


Where has our Google Doodle been ?

Cuba’s population is collapsing, so is America’s in many different ways.

Schiff is a miserable creature.


Hank is a man among men, he is just not a quick thinker.

A full sex education helping.


Is your cash drawer full ?

The Southern Border is full.  NYC is full.


The How Much Editor:  What is full, LL ?

The No More Room Cat:  That’s when there is no more room for whatever the subject is.  Here is a quote.

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”  This famous line by former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher reminds us that while government handouts may sound good, someone still has to foot the bill.

New York City is full, so Mayor Adams wants to send illegal immigrants to the suburbs.  If walls don’t work political boundaries won’t work either.

This guy could work for the Federal Budget Office.

The liberal-sanctuary cities are full-up with criminals, they have moved to robbing postal carriers—thanks Joey & Democrat Mayors.

As the criminals exhaust regular money sources they move on.  The sanctuary city voters want the violence.  They ask for it at each election

Disney is full—of slime and no morals.

Jacksonville will have a newly refurbished stadium before long.  Where will the UGA-Florida game be played during renovation ?  Full will be 6,000 less seats.  It’s early, but fans need to make reservations.

This sounds like a way to get a monthly subscription fee from car buyers.  Don’t fall for it.

We know what the FBI, CIA, and DOJ are full of.  I’m keeping the faith for a few more months.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Virgo Cluster Galaxies
Image Credit & Copyright: Abdullah Alharbi

Explanation: Galaxies of the Virgo Cluster are scattered across this nearly 4 degree wide telescopic field of view. About 50 million light-years distant, the Virgo Cluster is the closest large galaxy cluster to our own local galaxy group. Prominent here are Virgo’s bright elliptical galaxies Messier catalog, M87 at bottom center, and M84 and M86 (top to bottom) near top left. M84 and M86 are recognized as part of Markarian’s Chain, a visually striking line-up of galaxies on the left side of this frame. Near the middle of the chain lies an intriguing interacting pair of galaxies, NGC 4438 and NGC 4435, known to some as Markarian’s Eyes. Of course giant elliptical galaxy M87 dominates the Virgo cluster. It’s the home of a super massive black hole, the first black hole ever imaged by planet Earth’s Event Horizon Telescope.

Tomorrow’s picture: Crescent Neptune and Triton

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