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This is the next group who has a trans-issue.  They are healthy, but want to be disabled.  Read the article, the manipulation never stops.  One woman tried to blind herself.  These people have mental issues, the medical profession needs to help instead of cutting off healthy body parts.

I hope Bud loses these drinkers forever.


Here are more signs of a crumbling society & culture.

The soldiers will babysit and change diapers for the illegals instead of standing at the border and refusing entry.

Our Secretary of State is a corrupt, lying, POS.


Thanks to R.W. and Paige for bringing civility and real beer back to Americans.

You don’t need any Disney products or Bud Light.

Maybe they should play following Paige.

He does no more than our elected skanks.

Go figure.

Jill checked with Gisele Fetterman and decided to run.  It will take a year to get Joe removed when he becomes unable to fall up any more stairs.

Adios Ben.

RIP  Tim  Bachman.


The Republican Party should emphasize this.

He needs two wives to go to Salt Lake City.


Trump needs to stop the personal stuff.  Just say what he wants to do—again.

California is the worst, they ride bicycles naked.


The Tired Of Trans-Anything Cat:  Will the trans-woke-crap ever end, LL ?

I’m A Tiger:  It will when people with values that contribute to the continuing of the human species take back the schools and media.  Here are some interesting items.  A rumor is circulating on the internet that the Lesbians and Gays are tired of the Trans-Woke-group bringing bad press to their cause ( sexualizing children ).  These women are fighting back.

The Anheuser-Busch management seems to be as out of touch with their company as America’s Government is with freedom.  Nobody told them.

More items.

Women are becoming obsolete.  The clothes manufactures think so.  Do they have children’s sizes ?

California loves their Democrats.

A Little Chicken Chatter

hen with chicks | Zion United Methodist Church in Whitehouse, Ohio

Did you ever think about the meaning of the sarcastic expression ‘running like a chicken with its head cut off’? If chickens can run headless, then they have fascinating brain anatomy, or maybe they don’t even have a brain at all. So the question remains, do chickens have brains? You’ll be astonished by the answer! Read on to find out.

The Chicken Brain: A Fascinating Anatomy

The ultimate answer is yes; chickens do have brains. But they aren’t in any way similar to the human brain, anatomy-wise. Instead, a chicken’s brain consists of two hemispheres, each working differently to comprehend various information.

Do you know what’s utterly fascinating? A hen has both binocular vision and monocular vision. As a result, hens can look at the world with both eyes, and they can also use each one on their own. This means that chickens can look at separate images simultaneously without having an overlap of visualizations between their two eyes.

The Chicken Brain: A Fascinating Anatomy

The monocular vision comes in handy when chickens act like prey animals in wild nature. They’re able to get a panoramic view of the surrounding area using their eyes. As a result, they can expect predators and be ready for their attack. On the other hand, chickens use their binocular vision to look for food and to recognize other birds in their flock. 

As for a chicken’s brain size, compared to their large bodies, they have tiny brains. Interestingly, studies show that this is because of the selective breeding humans have been attempting for centuries. When chickens lived freely in nature, they had smaller bodies and bigger brains. But since they’ve been domesticated, the situation has changed.

As a result of living among humans, chickens adapted to safe living conditions, which means they don’t have to be on watch all the time like before. Moreover, domesticating those birds has led to them being fatter; thus, the brain-to-body mass ratio has undergone profound changes.

How Smart Are Chickens?

There has long been a debate about whether chickens are intelligent birds. If you’ve ever raised chickens before, you should know better than to call them stupid—people who believe that have mostly never seen an uncooked chicken before.

However, the definition of being smart is relative. You can’t do chickens injustice and compare their brain to a human’s. Intelligence depends on animals’ ability to live in various conditions, ability to feed on their own, and ability to catch predators. Well, chickens ace all three.

How Smart Are Chickens?

Scientifically speaking, studies show some astonishing similarities between bird and mammal brains, although they’ve been undergoing evolutions for centuries. As a result, chickens demonstrate brilliant skills like solving problems, social reasoning and making assumptions.

If you raise chickens, you’ll notice how they act differently with individual people, which means they can recognize us. They also have different personalities; they can be introverts or extroverts.

Do Chickens Have Emotions?

Since chickens are treated like commercial production machines, we often forget to perceive them as emotional animals. However, they feel emotions vividly. First of all, hens get all of the maternal feelings when it comes to their chicks. They’re highly protective and can feel frightened for their offspring.

Second of all, hens can become depressed and show symptoms if they get separated from their flock. This is due to the powerful community sense that those birds have. Chicken raisers know this as they’ve probably seen it before. However, if you’re a beginner, this may be new information for you.

Do Chickens Have Emotions?

When it comes to death, some chickens go through loneliness when a flock mate dies. However, some birds just don’t care enough; they’ll munch casually on the other chicken’s dead body if they feel hungry.

Finally, when hens feel that their death is nearing, they isolate themselves. The members of the flock often visit her at this time. They softly coo in her ear and give respect through maintaining quick eye contact.

Some chickens are even so considerate that they may stay with the dying hen until her time comes. Afterward, they return to their regular routine. Life goes on, even for chickens.

Do Chickens Have the Same Senses as Humans?

Chickens and humans share quite a number of senses. However, chickens’ dominant senses are sight, taste, and touch. They can differentiate between various types of physical sensations. For example, they can determine whether the temperature is cold or hot and know the difference between pressure and pain.

Luckily, their cognitive capacity hasn’t been compromised due to domestication by humans. Chickens can hear and smell smart. Some breeds are even able to sense magnetic fields. In addition, chickens have a unique cluster of nerves at the tip of their beaks. The nerves are called mechanoreceptors, and their main job is to allow chickens to feel items using their beaks.

Interestingly, chickens can also see more colors than us. They’re also able to hear high and low-frequency sounds, which we don’t.

Can a Chicken Really Run Headless?

Logically and scientifically, the answer to this question should be no. But when did science ever abide by rules? You’ve probably heard some funny stories about chickens running without their heads for a few seconds after slaughter. How is this possible?

To explain this scientifically, when you cut a chicken’s head off, you disconnect its brain from the rest of the body. However, the culprit here is oxygen. If there’s residual circulating oxygen, you’ll see the embodiment of the funny expression ‘running like a chicken with its head cut off’. 

The expression came from the fact that when chickens run without their brains, their legs move independently without something controlling them. As a result, they run in a spontaneous fashion.

To Wrap Up

As well as the pointed beaks and the delicious eggs they produce, chickens also have brilliant brains and exceptional vision abilities. They can focus on two actions at the same time, which means that while they’re looking for food in the backyard, they’ll also be watching you closely.

Moreover, chickens can feel emotions, and they have different personalities that you’ll notice clearly when you raise them. Now that you know how intelligent chickens are, you’ll think twice before calling the birds stupid!

Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Galaxy, the Jet, and a Famous Black Hole
Image Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration

Explanation: Bright elliptical galaxy Messier 87 (M87) is home to the supermassive black hole captured in 2017 by planet Earth’s Event Horizon Telescope in the first ever image of a black hole. Giant of the Virgo galaxy cluster about 55 million light-years away, M87 is the large galaxy rendered in blue hues in this infrared image from the Spitzer Space telescope. Though M87 appears mostly featureless and cloud-like, the Spitzer image does record details of relativistic jets blasting from the galaxy’s central region. Shown in the inset at top right, the jets themselves span thousands of light-years. The brighter jet seen on the right is approaching and close to our line of sight. Opposite, the shock created by the otherwise unseen receding jet lights up a fainter arc of material. Inset at bottom right, the historic black hole image is shown in context, at the center of giant galaxy and relativistic jets. Completely unresolved in the Spitzer image, the supermassive black hole surrounded by infalling material is the source of enormous energy driving the relativistic jets from the center of active galaxy M87. The Event Horizon Telescope image of M87 has now been enhanced to reveal a sharper view of the famous supermassive black hole.

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