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Flag of the United Kingdom | Britannica

These are classified ads, which were actually placed in U.K. Newspapers:

8 years old,
Hateful little bastard.

1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbor’s dog.

Mother is a Kennel Club registered German Shepherd.
Father is a Super Dog, able to leap tall fences in a single bound.

Also 1 gay bull for sale.

Must sell washer and dryer £100.

Worn once by mistake.
Call Stephanie.

**** And the WINNER is… ****

Complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica, 45 volumes.
Excellent condition, £200 or best offer. No longer needed, got married, wife knows everything.

Good Stuff

Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. Fortunately, I love money.

I’m not a has-been. I’m a will-be.

Sometimes I get the feeling the whole world is against me, but deep down I know that’s not true. Some of the smaller countries are neutral.

It’s been said that hypocrites are people who complain about all the sex, offensive language, and violence…..on their VCR’s.

God grant me patience….and I want it right now.




Mage wins the Derby.  Make America Great Everyday.


Our continuing tale of justice denied.  So far it’s be Hollywood-rich or a Democrat Congresswoman’s trans-something son.

This is a to be decided case.


I’m surprised politicians aren’t demanding equal pay.  With a 31 trillion national debt they may be getting it.

You are on your own in sanctuary rat-holes.


Sonia doesn’t have to recuse herself.

These lying dung beetles need to be impeached.


Kennedy needs his own “Best Of” Senator broadcast.  Maybe Tucker could invite him on his new show.

Senator Hawley could be Kennedy’s co-host.

I have over ten thousand readers joining my prayer list for Joey and Becerra ( the unqualified HHS stooge ).

It will take an honest Attorney General to do anything about the Bidens.

Take your child-molesting-trans-crap back to Belgium.

Maybe he will replace another Democrat.

This lady could replace Kamala on the border ( or as President in a short while ).

Mayor Adams sends illegals to the suburbs.


A repeat of Megyn Kelly.

Time doesn’t pass in the District of Columbus.  The dems still have slaves.


A tip.

If exploration was easy, America would have a different name.  Musk is trying to get to Mars before his rocket fuel is banned.


Past Kodak Editor:  How is the 2023 photo edition coming, LL ?

Calico Cat:  Great, it will no doubt be a collectors favorite.  I have added a little commentary to satisfy our small number of whiners.  Here is the first.  The future King and Kate have published a tribute to the late Queen.*f9lbvm*_ga*NjkwMDE4MzAxLjE2NjQ4ODQ3MjY.*_ga_0DZ7LHF5PZ*MTY4MjA5MjkxMC4xMTk5LjAuMTY4MjA5MjkxMC4wLjAuMA..&_ga=2.47141922.443833512.1664884726-690018301.1664884726

Some pointed out that Harry and Meghan’ s kids were absent.  Mandrake, the future King’s butler, said it was because they were Black.  That is pretty unmonarchy.  The butler was probably giving the press some fodder since Alec Baldwin has had his manslaughter charge dropped.  That would have been weeks of a press-circus.

The ex-royalty from California can always photo-shop the photo and add their kids.  Don’t do like the Kardashians and wind up with a Sumo Wrestler’s butt or too many fingers.  Here are the Kardashians.

I knew Biden’s Presidency would be a cesspool when he allowed the shrunken Carter picture to be released.  It was early in  his Presidency.  The Carters looked like some back room Voodoo Priestess who lives in Schumer’s basement shrunk them like they do heads is Peru.

Joey is a dictator.

A WW 2 sunken ship has been found.

The Ole West has returned to many Liberal Cities, without the charm.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Spanish Dancer Spiral Galaxy
Image Credit: ESA, NASA, Hubble; Processing: Detlev Odenthal

Explanation: If not perfect, then this spiral galaxy is at least one of the most photogenic. An island universe containing billions of stars and situated about 40 million light-years away toward the constellation of the Dolphinfish (Dorado), NGC 1566 presents a gorgeous face-on view. Classified as a grand design spiral, NGC 1566 shows two prominent and graceful spiral arms that are traced by bright blue star clusters and dark cosmic dust lanes. Numerous Hubble Space Telescope images of NGC 1566 have been taken to study star formation, supernovas, and the spiral’s unusually active center. Some of these images, stored online in the Hubble Legacy Archive, were freely downloaded, combined, and digitally processed by an industrious amateur to create the featured image. NGC 1566’s flaring center makes the spiral one of the closest and brightest Seyfert galaxies, likely housing a central supermassive black hole wreaking havoc on surrounding stars and gas.

Tomorrow’s picture: screens of Earth

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