God Help Our Children…

When our children are not protected,
America has no future.
-Sheila Tolley-

Like it or not, our children are being used as scientific experiments. No different from the little Beagle Puppies that Fauci wired down in cages and allowed sand fleas and bugs to eat them alive.
(God is gonna get you for that, Fauci!)

Our children are currently being mutilated in two horrible ways. 1) Mentally, with puberty blockers and hormones, followed by a lifetime of mind-altering drugs, owned by Big Pharma. 2) Physically, from having  parts cut from their bodies and will still be on mind-altering drugs, owned by Big Pharma, for the rest of their lives.

After either of these procedures, the children then belong to Big-Pharma/The Government.

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”
Adolf Hitler-

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Remember the Quarantine…At Last, A few Smiles from my collection

Happy Quarantined Birthday Funny Quarantine wishing with cupcake Cool phrase Birth congratulation Birthday card Happy Quarantined Birthday Funny Quarantine wishing with cupcake. Birthday Quarantine congratulation graphic element Birthday card typography poster Birth template Social distance Vector illustration. quarantine humor stock illustrations

I hope they give us two weeks notice before sending us back out into the real world.  I think we’ll all need the time to become ourselves again.  And by “ourselves” I mean lose 10 pounds, cut our hair, and get used to not drinking at 9:00 a.m. 

New monthly budget:  Gas $0, Entertainment $0, Clothes $0, Groceries $2,799.

Breaking News:  Wearing a mask inside your home is now highly recommended.  Not so much to stop COVI D-19, but to stop eating.

When this quarantine is over, let’s not tell some people.

I stepped on my scale this morning.  It said: “Please practice social distancing.  Only one person at a time on the scale.”

It may take a village to raise a child, but I swear its going to take a vineyard to home school one.

You know those car commercials where there’s only one vehicle on the road?  Doesn’t seem so unrealistic these days.

They may open things up next month — I’m staying in until July to see what happens to you all first. 

Day 56:  The garbage man placed an AA flyer on my recycling bin.

Appropriate analogy: “The curve is flattening, so we can start lifting restrictions now. Or could it be….. “The parachute has slowed our rate of descent, so we can take it off now.”

Never in a million years could I have imagined I would go up to a bank teller wearing a mask and ask for money.

I am home schooling. The first day I tried to get my kid transferred out of my class.

Putting a drink in each room of my house today and calling it a pub crawl.

Okay, so the schools are closed.  Do we drop the kids off at the teacher’s house?

I was in a long line at 7:45 am today at the grocery store that opened at 8:00 for seniors only.   A young man came from the parking lot and tried to cut in at the front of the line, but an old lady beat him back into the parking lot with her cane. He returned and tried to cut in again, but an old man punched him in the gut, then kicked him to the ground and rolled him away. As he approached the line for the 3rd time he said….
“If you people don’t let me unlock the door, none of you will ever get in to shop.”


Some Classic Quotes From The new “Will Rogers”

John Kennedy (Louisiana politician) - Wikipedia

Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy graduated Magna cum Laude from Vanderbilt, has a Law degree from University of Virginia and a degree from Oxford in England. He is no country bumpkin; he is very insightful and has a unique sense of humor.

 Comment about Cuomo lecturing us. “It is like a frog calling you ugly.”

“This election in GA will be the most important in history, you have nothing to worry about unless you are a taxpayer, parent, gun owner, cop, person of faith, or an unborn baby!”

 Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana describes Democrats as the “well intended arugula and tofu crowd.”

 “You can only be young once, but you can always be immature.”

“Americans are thinking, there are some good members of Congress, but we can’t figure out what they are good for. Others are thinking, how did these morons make it through the birth canal.”

“Always follow your heart…..but take your brains with you.”

“The short answer is ‘No.’ The long answer is ‘Hell No.’”

“It must suck to be that dumb.”

“When the Portland mayor’s IQ gets to 75, he oughta sell.”

“Go sell your crazy somewhere else…we are all stocked up here.”

“She has a Billy goat brain and a mockingbird mouth!”

Sen. John Kennedy (R., La.) said on Wednesday that he “trusted Middle Eastern countries as much as gas station sushi, with the exception being Israel.”

“You can get a goat to climb a tree, but you’d be better off hiring a squirrel.”

“This has been going on since Moby Dick was a minnow.”

 “Don’t stand between a dog and a fire hydrant.”

“Our country was founded by geniuses, but it’s being run by idiots.”

 “It appears that he might do the right thing, but only when supervised and cornered like a rat.”

 “This is why aliens won’t talk to us.”

“Democrats are running around like they found a hair in their biscuit.”

“Chuck Schumer just moo’s and follows Nancy Pelosi into the cow chute.”




A bonus item.


Everyone who remembers the Trump false information, knows Clapper and Brennan should be in GITMO.



You don’t need to understand baseball to compare it to Joe and the DemocRATS.



Keep boycotting, take America back.


Joe gives money to transgender women in Nepal.



Feinstein tells everyone to go urinate up a rope.


MTG won’t be silenced, just like Pigleosi when she had her fleeting power.  Where is pigwoman ?


Smirnoff has been woke for a while.


Dis-Honors for the week.


Joey is giving a squeeze bottle of Democratic Bullsheet to every new illegal.


Coronation News.




Get the wokers out of positions of decision making.


Texas killer.



The peripheral people are probably on drugs.


This is another government approved/created disaster.




She could work for the Department of Illegal Immigrants.  After a while a slow leak makes a tire just as flat as a railroad spike.  I think the railroads now use duct tape.




The AAA Editor:  Do you have a rating system, LL ?

A # 1 Cat:  I sure do.  I’m an Independent voter.  The people who support The Constitution are the one’s I support.  Democrats who support The Constitution are hard to find.  My system is mostly related to politics, and how much the politicians support The Constitution.

5 is a Commie rating. The “c” being capitalized is a subtle change, but means the person is more of an American hater.

4 hates American values a little more and can become violent, or as the media reports ” mostly peaceful “.  They are toads-toadie, or just frogs.

3 is a person who hides behind any media job, but continually lies, distorts, changes, obfuscates, for their political party.  They are lying–we know they are–their network employers know that we know.  These are ” creeps “.

2 are the uneducated, brainwashed, retarded, lack of self-worth people who would/have burned down churches and any other place that they can stick a Zippo to.  These are ” Skanks “.  They are paid by Soros and many PACs.  BLM/Antifa and their supporters fill this category.

1 applies to people who will let you be killed by their policies, and the killers go free.  They can be rich, unheard of, and many are politicians.  Remember Zuckerberg ( Meta-Facebook ) and Dorsey ( the old Twitter ) giving hundreds of millions of dollars to Democrat groups ?  The category for these most dangerous people/groups is Piece Of Sheet ( POS ).

Here is a similar rating system.


Susan fits nicely in both systems–a 1 and The View.  She will pop up somewhere in politics.


ON MY SOAPBOX…Just the facts

There are some facts in life that are too logical to be ignored by humans. What has happened to my world?

I am not a Spring Chicken, as they say. I am an old hen. In fact, I am over three generations old. I gave birth to my son. My son is the father of two boys. My Grandson is the father of a son. Guess what has always been consistent through three generations? All those boys were born with a penis and we always checked the BOY box after their birth.

Two genders! Through my entire 72 years on this old earth..there were two genders. Females have two X chromosomes, Males have one X and one Y chromosome. Tell me, can it get any simpler than that? In case you are really stupid, let me break it down a little further. If your baby is born with a penis, check the BOY box. If not, check the GIRL box. There is no legitimate gender box called OTHER.

Now, all of a damn sudden, Gender is a multiple choice question. People just float around happily, for years, in their REAL Female or Male gender with which they were born…then George Soros, Dems & Associates sends a check and they switch genders. Isn’t that incredible?

Can one purchase a penis or vagina from Amazon now?

Absolutely not!

By the way, as you have heard….don’t buy Budweiser Beer. There is a Queer on the Beer…and he is an ugly one. He is really upset that people are calling him a “HE”. Ain’t that something? The only reason I call him HE is because it pisses him off and FREAK is not a legitimate gender.

Oh well, enough about this Trans-Queer-On-The- Beer-With-A-Penis-In-His-Panties.

Here are a few more facts in life that are too logical to be ignored by humans:

Pedophilia is not a sexual preference.

Bugs are not food.

MRNA injections are not vaccines.

Men are not women.

The news is not real

Climate change is not a threat.

The government is not your friend.

Fox News Sucks without Tucker Carlson.

Epstein did not kill himself.


Just the facts Stock Photos, Royalty Free Just the facts Images |  Depositphotos


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Shadows of Earth
Image Credit & Copyright: Marcella Giulia Pace

Explanation: Can you find two Earth shadows in today’s image? It’s a bit tricky. To find the first shadow, observe that the top part of the atmosphere appears pink and the lower part appears blue. This is because the top half is exposed to direct sunlight, while the lower part is not. The purple area in between is known as the Belt of Venus, even though Venus can only appear on the other side of the sky, near the Sun. The blue color of the lower atmosphere is caused by the Earth blocking sunlight, creating Earth shadow number 1. Now, where is the second Earth shadow? Take a look at the Moon. Do you notice something unusual about the lower left part? That area appears unusually dark because it is in the shadow of the Earth, creating Earth shadow number 2. To be precise, the Moon was captured during a lunar eclipse. This carefully timed image was taken in Sampieri, Sicily, Italy, in July 2018.

Tomorrow’s picture: desert galaxy

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