ON MY SOAPBOX…Just the facts

There are some facts in life that are too logical to be ignored by humans. What has happened to my world?

I am not a Spring Chicken, as they say. I am an old hen. In fact, I am over three generations old. I gave birth to my son. My son is the father of two boys. My Grandson is the father of a son. Guess what has always been consistent through three generations? All those boys were born with a penis and we always checked the BOY box after their birth.

Two genders! Through my entire 72 years on this old earth..there were two genders. Females have two X chromosomes, Males have one X and one Y chromosome. Tell me, can it get any simpler than that? In case you are really stupid, let me break it down a little further. If your baby is born with a penis, check the BOY box. If not, check the GIRL box. There is no legitimate gender box called OTHER.

Now, all of a damn sudden, Gender is a multiple choice question. People just float around happily, for years, in their REAL Female or Male gender with which they were born…then George Soros, Dems & Associates sends a check and they switch genders. Isn’t that incredible?

Can one purchase a penis or vagina from Amazon now?

Absolutely not!

By the way, as you have heard….don’t buy Budweiser Beer. There is a Queer on the Beer…and he is an ugly one. He is really upset that people are calling him a “HE”. Ain’t that something? The only reason I call him HE is because it pisses him off and FREAK is not a legitimate gender.

Oh well, enough about this Trans-Queer-On-The- Beer-With-A-Penis-In-His-Panties.

Here are a few more facts in life that are too logical to be ignored by humans:

Pedophilia is not a sexual preference.

Bugs are not food.

MRNA injections are not vaccines.

Men are not women.

The news is not real

Climate change is not a threat.

The government is not your friend.

Fox News Sucks without Tucker Carlson.

Epstein did not kill himself.


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3 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX…Just the facts

  1. Thank you so much Sheila for the great schooling. Most of the younger generation really does need to know all this. Us old hens already was taught well.

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