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ON MY QUOTEBOX….Who’s on first and what’s on the third?

“According to the new Emerson College Survey, more than half of Democrats are only “mildly excited”  about supporting Biden. That is good… because there is only a mild chance that Biden will remember something important is supposed to happen on November 3.”

-Sheila Tolley-





The Kentucky Derby has been post-poned.


The Editor:  Is this about Ivory Soap, LL ?

Statistic Cat:  No, it will turn out to be a whitewash by the media.  The Wuhan panic is a media driven attempt to harm Trump.

Thousands of people are listed as Wuhan deaths when it isn’t the cause of death.

TE:  Are there other things going on, SC ?

It’s About Time Cat:  Here is some news about General Flynn.  The people with knowledge of the lynching include Obama, Lynch, Rice, Brennan, the love birds, Rosenstein, Clapper, Mueller, McCabe, Comey, and a few other FBI and CIA employees.

De Blasio and Cuomo are in control.

Here is a dramatization of the DNC sticking with Ole Joe.  Loyal reader MST sees a Clinton in the woodpile.

Springwater Volunteer Covered Bridge

49-70-01 – Springwater Volunteer CB – Wisconsin- Built in 1997 Spanning Pine R. on Covered Bridge Rd. in Waushara Co. 44 ft. long Town lattice trusses

Springwater Volunteer Bridge over Pine River was built in 1997. It was built primarily with the volunteer labor as a replica of Wisconsin’s last standing historic covered bridge at Cedarburg. The bridge was dedicated on June 1, 1997 costing just under $50,000 to build.