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The Editor:  Do you know why Democrats/Progressives are mentally ill, LL ?

Space Cat:  They came from the Andromeda Galaxy, from outer space.

If our loyal readers have ever seen something on the ground that was too noxious to touch, but they did touch it with a stick, that is a Democrat like Pigleosi or Schiff.  Don’t touch them, run like the wind.

Here is another piece of Evil trash, along with some governors.

I have known Obama was evil since he wouldn’t let WW 2 veterans in wheelchairs enter an open air war memorial for WW 2 honors. His budget had shut down the government.

Some governors are evil.  One example is not letting a husband hold his wife of fifty years hand while she died in the hospital– Wuhan Flu quarantine.

This surfer escapes lockdown.

This mother and child did not escape.

Fresno can’t enforce stay-at-home orders.

The entire Obama circle of bootlickers are evil.  They tried to overthrow the government.

Irish Bend Covered Bridge

WGN – 37-02-09 Irish Bend Covered Bridge -Oregon- Built in 1954 in Benton County spanning Oak Creek near SW Campus Way, single span, 60 feet long, Howe trusses

The construction date of this bridge has been listed as 1938 and 1954. It may have been that a 1938 covered bridge was replaced or substantially repaired in 1954. The bridge originally stood a few miles south of Corvallis. After being bypassed, it needed to be relocated. In 1989, volunteers disassembled it and reconstructed it as a foot bridge on the Oregon State University campus. This bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2013.

Photos By: Bill Bowser….From Cincinnati, Ohio


Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Dark River to Antares
Composite Image Credit & Copyright: Paul Schmit

Explanation: A dark river seems to flow through this sky from the horizon toward colorful clouds near red giant star Antares. Murky looking, the dark river is a dusty nebula obscuring background starlight near the central Milky Way, although the dark dust nebula contains mostly hydrogen molecular gas. Dust scattering starlight around Antares, alpha star of Scorpius, creates the unusual yellow-hued reflection nebula. Above it, bright blue double star Rho Ophiuchi is embedded in more typical dusty bluish reflection nebulae, with red emission nebulae also scattered through the interstellar space. Globular star cluster M4 looks almost like a bright star just above and right of Antares, though it lies far behind the colorful clouds, at a distance of some 7,000 light-years. The dark river itself is about 500 light years away. To create the startling night sky view, all background and foreground exposures were made back to back with the same camera and telephoto lens on the same night from the same location. In combination they produce a stunning image that reveals a range of brightness and color that your eye can’t quite perceive. Recorded in the early hours of January 31, the composite also captures Mars still near the eastern horizon and rising to join rival Antares on the celestial stage. Bright Mars and its watery reflection are left of a lonely tree in the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico, planet Earth.

Tomorrow’s picture: up the spout