Archive | May 5, 2020




The Editor:  Can you explain about the vaccines that everyone is working on, LL ?

This Won’t Hurt Cat:  Here is how a vaccine is supposed to work.

One problem with vaccines is that they are made for a current virus ( in the Wuhan Flu case ).  The virus has already mutated many times.  The new vaccine might not work on the mutated varieties. It would be like having a meeting with Will Smith and Al Sharpton showed up.

TE:  Is there anything we can plan our future on, TWHC ?

I Want To Be Alone Cat:  Stay away from people with preexisting health problems.  We do know for sure that somewhere around 90 percent of all patients who died were over 60 years old, and had other illnesses along with Wuhan Flu, things like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and other problems that harmed their immune system.  The regular flu kills more people.

TE:  Will the government protect us from any vaccine’s side effects, IWTBAC ?

MD Cat: No, you and your family are on your own.

Trump should get the House and Senate to vote on any use of a Wuhan vaccine.  Just a yes or no vote, none of their usual mumbo-jumbo.

There is no question about this.  George W. Bush is a war criminal and should be tried in the Hague for crimes against humanity.

Citizens defy Pigleosi’s nephew’s ban on civil-rights.  Tyranny is a family trait.