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“The Democrats call Donald Trump a threat to our Democracy. They base this on manufactured lies about Trump being a mentally unfit, suspected sex offender with ties to Ukraine. Do you find it strange that they plan to replace him with Joe Biden…..

Who IS a mentally unfit, suspected sex offender with ties to Ukraine?”

-Sheila Tolley-




Staying Home

Tomorrow is the National Home-school Tornado Drill. Lock your kids in the basement until you give the all clear. You’re welcome!


I was so bored I called Jake from State Farm just to talk to someone. He asked me what I was wearing.

2019: Stay away from negative people. 2020: Stay away from positive people.

The world has turned upside down. Old folks are sneaking out of the house, and their kids are yelling at them to stay indoors!

You think it’s bad now? In 20 years our country will be run by people home-schooled by day drinkers…

This virus has done what no woman had been able to do…cancel all sports, shut down all bars, and keep men at home!!!

Do not call the police on suspicious people in your neighborhood! Those are your neighbors without makeup and hair extensions!

Since we can’t eat out, now’s the perfect time to eat better, get fit, and stay healthy. We’re quarantined! Who are we trying to impress? We have snacks, we have sweatpants – I say we use them!

Day 7 at home and the dog is looking at me like, “See? This is why I chew the furniture!”

Does anyone know if we can take showers yet or should we just keep washing our hands???

I never thought the comment “I wouldn’t touch him/her with a 6 foot pole” would become a national policy, but here we are!

Me: Alexa what’s the weather this weekend?

Alexa: It doesn’t matter – you’re not going anywhere.

I swear my fridge just said “what the hell do you want now?”

When this is over…what meeting do I attend first…Weight Watchers or AA?

Quarantine has turned us into dogs. We roam the house all day looking for food. We are told “no” if we get too close to strangers. And we get really excited about car rides.



Anything is above Cuomo’s pay grade.  He killed more New Yorkers with inaction than the Wuhan Chinese Government Red Death.  Let him get his financial aid from Beijing, China.


The Editor:  Is this about the Wuhan Flu, LL ?

Bat Cat:   A little, let me get this out of the way.  If you don’t have underlying health problems get to work.  You can do that or riot and loot in the streets for food in a few weeks.

Here are two articles about your ancestors.

Mental health is important.

You can die like rats or rebuild America.  Get accustomed to every death being blamed on trump, until Jesus returns.

Here is good news.

A reader wanted to know when cereal expiration/best by dates were accurate.

This will help.

As loyal reader MST pointed out, sunshine is the best pathogen/germ killer.


I never knew …..


More people live in New York City than in 40 of the 50 states.


The word “Pennsylvania” is misspelled on the Liberty Bell.


There is enough water in Lake Superior to cover all of North and South America in one foot of liquid.


There’s a town in Washington with treetop bridges made specifically to help squirrels cross the street


In 1872, Russia sold Alaska to the Unites States for about 2 cents per acre.


It would take you more than 400 years to spend a night in all of Las Vegas’s hotel rooms.,c_limit/michigan-maze-courtesy.jpg

Western Michigan is home to a giant lavender labyrinth so big you can see it on Google Earth.


There’s an island full of wild monkeys off the coast of South Carolina called Morgan Island, and it’s not open to humans.


There’s enough concrete in the Hoover Dam to build a two-lane highway from San Francisco to New York City.


Arizona and Hawaii are now the only states that don’t observe daylight savings time.,c_limit/boston-traffic-GettyImages-538885784.jpg

Boston has the worst drivers out of the nation’s 200 largest cities. Kansas City has the best drivers.


Kansas produces enough wheat each year to feed everyone in the world for about two weeks.


Oregon’s Crater Lake is deep enough to cover six Statues of Liberty stacked on top of each other


The Empire State building has its own zip code.


The Los Angeles Coroner’s Office has its own quirky gift shop called Skeletons in the Closet.


The Library of Congress contains approximately 838 miles of bookshelves—long enough to stretch from Houston to Chicago.


At 46 letters, Massachusetts’s Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg has the longest place name in the U.S. (even though it’s based on a joke).,c_limit/Paper-House-Rockport-cr-courtesy.jpg

In 1922, a man built a house and all his furniture entirely out of 100,000 newspapers. The structure still stands today in Rockport, Massachusetts.


The entire Denver International Airport is twice the size of Manhattan.


In 1893, an amendment was proposed to rename the country to the “United States of Earth.”


A highway in Lancaster, California plays the “William Tell Overture” as you drive over it, thanks to some well-placed grooves in the road.


The total length of Idaho’s rivers could stretch across the United States about 40 times.


The town of Centralia, Pennsylvania has been on fire for 55 years.


The one-woman town of Monowi, Nebraska is the only officially incorporated municipality with a population of 1. The sole, 83-year-old resident is the city’s mayor, librarian, and bartender.


The entire town of Whittier, Alaska lives under one roof.


The number of bourbon barrels in Kentucky outnumbers the state’s population by more than two million.