Best Argument for Trump 2020

ON MY SOAPBOX….china and the democrats are in bed together

Politics makes strange bedfellows.
-Charles Dudley Warner-



(This post was originally published on March 13. I added an update to the end of the original post.)


I do not believe in coincidence. This Corona virus is an intentional plant by China. China hates President Trump just as much as the Democrats hate President Trump. The Democrats have tried every conceivable trick to take Donald Trump out of office. Stormy Daniels did not work. The 25th amendment did not work. Impeachment did not work. The next move had to be a massive drop in the stock market. REMEMBER…they have already openly stated that a recession is the only way to combat Trump’s many successes. They have managed that trick now with the Corona virus.  As a bonus, this has also shut down President Trump’s massive rallies. His successful rallies and speeches is a force that the Democrats have never witnessed before and they could not control them. The  Democrats control Main Stream Media. They will dress Joe Biden up, prop Joe Biden up and modify his conversations so that he appears to speak with complete sentences. Meanwhile, they will show our president in the worst possible light.

China and the Democrats hate the fact that President Trump was making America self-sufficient again. That is the worst nightmare for China and the Democrats. The Democrats had to give up their previous slaves, so they hate President Trump for closing the southern border which prevents their future cheap labor and massive increase in votes from entering America.

Biden and Sanders both raised their hand in the very first debate to support Medicare for illegal immigrants. They both agree to open borders. How damn stupid can potential future presidents be? How damn stupid can Americans be to vote for either of them?

Do you remember when Google refused to support our American Military System, but agreed to support China’s? When President Trump puts this Corona virus fiasco to bed, AND HE WILL! China and China’s Google will have one more major virus for America before November…..

It will infect our networking and computers…..which will shut down President Trump’s last voice to the American people….his Twitter account. 



Update: Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, is flagging President Trump’s tweets with a fact-checking label. MSM, Google, Facebook, Twitter & Democrats will continue to do everything possible to prevent Donald Trump from being re-elected in November.

Yes indeed, they are all in bed together…and it is a very disgusting orgy.