ON MY SOAPBOX…Why the sad face



My incoming emails, replies and comments continue to be so very sad. You can rest assured that all my correspondence comes from Republicans. I know that is true because Democrats hate me. That makes me smile. I want them to continue to hate me. The more the better. That is the trick..we must turn our negative democrat energy into positive Republican energy.

So what do you have to smile about?

Americans still live in the greatest nation in the world. We have a Very Strong Republican President who has never, in his life, consumed alcohol, smoked cigarettes, or used  non-prescribed drugs. Without debate, most of the followers of Tolley’s Topics are in my age bracket. I ask you to ask yourself…in all your years….have you ever drank a beer? Shared a cocktail with a friend? Smoked a cigarette? Smoked pot? If your answer is no to all these questions,  I know for sure, I do not know you and I have never met you. But, in either case, be very proud that we have such a strong man as president of our country.

Isn’t it wonderful that he is Kicking China’s Wuhan Virus’ butt?

What about RBG? I will not publicly say that I am glad she died. But I am so, so happy that God had an opening in Democrat Heaven while my Republicans still control the senate. That is amazing timing. Do you realize how happy you should be that God had that opening at such an important moment in Republican America?

Now, I could list all the amazing battles  that Donald Trump has won for America. But. I assure you, I have posted them over and over for followers of Tolley’s Topics.

Here is a really quick, no-brainer for you…without our Electoral College…Hillary Clinton would be running for Re-election right now, because she won the popular vote in 2016.

So, can I get a Hallelujah? Can I get an Amen? A salute for our Electoral College?

Let’s take today and think of all the wonderful reasons Republicans should be happy.

My mentor has taught me that….”if I do not like the news…just consider it entertainment” that works to help me stay positive. Because so far….every trick, lie and scam the Democrats have tried to hurt Trump has come back to them like a Boomerang on steroids. 

Now, turn off Fox News….TURN ON  OAN……OR NEWSMAX.

I am really sick of the old phrase “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

So, if life gives you lemons:

Make a Tom Collins, a Tequila Sour, or a Whiskey Smash.

BUT…Smile, Dammit!

Through all the many Democrat Storms, Trump has held our umbrella. So…stay positive for him. Let’s hold his umbrella for him as he continues to squash this chinese bug.

Thumbs up for Donald Trump!


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