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The dems don’t like Black people escaping the Democrat Plantation.

What dirty money ?

Californians for Trump.

Here is a video of baseball when they had real people in the stadiums.  The Kamala-Biden Campaign is flying alone happy as a lark until they fly into a Trump Fastball.


The Wuhan Not Flu Editor:  What is not surprising, LL ?

This Has Always Been A Scam Cat:  The CDC has begun to release real figures.  It was always a MSM scam.

Face masks have moved ahead of drugs for causing crimes.

This is even worse, if that is possible.  Face masks on airplanes, and outdoor ball games.  It’s like giving a 17 year old the car keys and a bottle of liquor.

Between 2010 and 2018 we spent over 100 BILLION on virus readiness, I assume Fauci spent plenty.  We had few masks, ventilators,, gloves, suits, or anything else for pandemic readiness.  This isn’t surprising.

We have had serious epidemics/pandemics since 1918.  Those included bird flu, swine flu, Hong Kong Flu, and SARS.  We still don’t know what, if any, masks are effective.  A 100 Billion and not enough info to say SCIENTIFICALLY that masks work for regular people.

Here is a bulletin, don’t expect the coming vaccine to work very well.  The current vaccines are between 19 and 60 percent effective.  If you have other medical issues or are older be careful.